Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


10. I'm Not Dead

Bethany's POV.....

It's been a long time and I can't remember anything. But all I know is that I had a sister named Hannah who is dead because of a blood sucker and now I'm a blood sucker myself because of that blood sucker. And my other sister is with the blood suckers who killed our sister. Now I want revenge, good thing I'm with Victoria and everyone from the vulture. And right now we are going to find them and get our revenge especially on my sister for actually leaving me.

She isn't my sister anymore. She's my mission.

"We're heading out! Let's go!" Vesit the head and strongest vampire said.

I finished changing and we pulled our black hoods over our heads headed to get them.

I'm ready for my revenge.

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