Love At First Bite

I'm Riley Asheleigh Kelly I'm 19 years old and I've heard weird things about One Direction. People have been missing and found dead after their concert. And now my two little sisters Hannah (17 years old) and Bethany (13 year old) want to go to their concert now I'm scared we're next.


7. I Want To Leave

Riley's POV......

My eyes shoot open and my breathing gets very high I touch the thing on my neck and it was a neck braces.

"" I try to say but nobody was around.

I get up from this hospital like bed and unstrap and take off all the things that was in me and I swing my legs over and I try to remember about what happened then I did and I was looking around.

I take off my neck brace and I find something sharp so I break a near mirror and take the sharpest part of it and I hop off of the bed and I look in another mirror and I looked horrible my eyes were blood shot red and my neck had little bruises and it hurt badly I couldn't talk and when I tried to it sounded raspy without tone.

I walk out of the room slowly and I was in the basement so I find the stairs and walk up them slowly and steady hearing all the boys in the living room.

"You nearly killed her. What were you thinking?!" I hear Louis say.

"I-I don't know. I'm so stupid. I-" And Liam gets cut off by looking in my direction.

It was either stay behind the door or move because I couldn't stay here forever.

So I push the door and they see me and there eyes are wide.

"Nobody try to touch me and nobody will be stabbed again." I say with the raspy still in my voice mentioning Liam.

"Riley.... You look horrible." Liam says with his eyes black.

"Well thanks to you." I say moving slowly to the stairs to go upstairs so I can pack a move away.

"So you want to move away?" Liam says getting up moving towards me with a worried look on my face.

"Don't come closer! Leave me alone!" I say trying to get louder.

I finally get to the stairs and I feel around and finally start to move up the stairs. And I run upstairs to our room now going to be his alone and I slam the door shut and lock it and I put chairs and the nearest dresser against the door. Then I start to pack all my things.

Liam's POV......

"Boys we have to head to the arena now." Niall says.

We all get up and head to the door and a tear slipped down my face because I was upset of what I've done to Riley.

"Liam even though you nearly killed me I'll speak to her for you." Zayn said.

"But how are you gonna make it to the show in time?" I ask.

"I'll make it trust me and she'll be with me." He says.

And I hug him.

"Thank you so much Zayn." I say.

And then the rest of us leave and we head to the place in a van and I'm hoping she will change her mind of I'll lose my mind if she leaves.

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