Kill to live, or live to be killed

I looked in his eyes as he changed i knew it had to happen but i couldnt bear to do it.


5. White house down.

 Vinnys POV:

"Dad!" Jake said and pointed. The white house was burnt down.  ''Oh.My.God the White house is gone what are we gonna do now?!" Lindsey said. "There is a Hotel 8 miles away in the woods lets go there!" i said "Ok lets go" Dad said. We pulled up too the hotel and there were a ton of military guarding it. We saw lindseys dad we pulled up too him. "You guys are ok! Thank god where is Lindsey?" he asked "She is asleep" i replied "ok well you guys park behind the hotel and you will get rooms in the lobby." We pulled around and entered. We walked up too the front desk and a lady gave us our rooms i got a room with Lindsey, and Dad and jake are sharing a room right next to us, we grabbed our keys and went to our rooms. "Lindsey are you okay? You havent talked at all?" i asked "Alex and Ryan are probably dead" she cried "I was talking to Ryan before there phone died and they are coming here! Alex told me too tell you he loves you" I hugged her. We started to unpack, there is power here so i put my phone on the charger. I changed into short-shorts, a tanktop,combat boots, put my hair in a messy bun,and put on my weapon belt. Somebody knocked on the door. I opened it, it was Lindseys dad (We call eachothers dad, dad) "Hey Lindsey went down to the lobby to find you." I said "I now i saw her" he said "We need experienced people to be on guard, and your like more expeirienced than anyone i know, do you want to be the commander of the guards?" he asked  "YES I DO!" He laughed and handed my a army jacked that said Commander Vanessa. I put it on, and he handed me a Ares-16(Type of gun) "Start now" He said. I walked to the lobby and went outside, i saw all of the men in different areas.A guy started to walk up to me. "So your the new commander" he asked. "Yes i am" i replied. "Your a girl you probably cant do shit" he said. "Really how about i kick your ass right now how would you like that?" I said sassy. "Like you could" He said. I put my gun over my shoulder, and grabbed the gun out of his hand, then grabbed his arm threw him on the ground and pinned him. "Dont under-estimate me." i spat. I walked to the gate (there is a gate that is surrounding the hotel) There was a car pulling up to the gate, i was hoping it was Ryan and Alex but it wasnt. A woman got out of the car. "Please let us stay here i have to Protect my daughters...Please" she cried. "Let them in!" i commanded the men, they did what i said they pulled up and entered the lobby. I started to walk to the lobby when Lindsey came out, and she was crying. "Whats wrong?" i asked her. "Its just i want to see Alex, they should be here by now." she sobbed. "Its gonna be okay, trust me theyll be here soon." then i noticed she was wearing a military jacket. "Your in the military now?" i asked trying to make heer feel happy about it. "Yeah im guarding at the main gate. she replied. "Okay, well i better get to work" she said. ''Okay love ya girl!" i smiled. I just wish that Ryan was here already , i miss him so much. i miss my friends. hopefully we can protect everybody. I could hear somebody come up behind me, i turned around and there was my dad smiling like a freak. "What?" i asked kinda freaked out. "Your lead commander!, how are you not exited?" he said. "Well Ryan, and Alex arent here yet and Lindsey is really depressed right now." i explained. "Oh well things will get better, i promise" he kissed my head, and walked away. Well i guess i should be excited but its kinda hard with people dying and coming back,the zombies havent made there way up here yet but they will find threir way up here and we have to be prepared. 

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