Kill to live, or live to be killed

I looked in his eyes as he changed i knew it had to happen but i couldnt bear to do it.


3. Whats going on.

Vinnys POV:

  "Vinny,Lindsey, Wake up" I sat up, rubbing my eyes, and saw Jake. "Jake its 4am what do you want?" i complained. I heard screaming coming from outside. "Whats going on?" Lindsey and i said. "Dad called and is on his way here, he said he will explain when he gets here, he said to stay quiet and to stay in your room." Jake explained. "Oh ok" I said. "Dad said to ignore the screaming" Jake continued. I wonder whats going on and why are people out there screaming,Jake cuddled up to me. I heard gunshots coming from outside. BANG. I heard the front door slam, i immediately jumped up, i motioned them to stay there and to stay quiet, i locked my bedroom door. "Vinny-boo open the door its me" I recognized my dads voice. I opened the door quick, and my dad grasped me in a hug. "Whats going on dad?" I asked. "Sit down" We all sat on my bed. "It all started in Asia, there was a disease that couldnt be cured and it killed 45% of the people in the continent and after a while the people came back to life as flesh eating zombies, and the military tryed to keep them from getting in the U.S.A but eventually found its way in, the disease hit the eastern hemisphere and now its here in California, you are all specially trained,especially you Vinny-boo, your going to need to protect all the people you can, you know where all the weapons are at, im going to protect you guys i promise" he explained. The words hit me like a bus, i started to tear up. "Its gonna be okay, we are all going to Washington D.C the president wants us there, it will be safe, and Piggy (Lindseys Nickname) your parents will meet us there, we will need to pack all the weapons in the truck and leave immediatly, the zombies are attracted to noise so stay quiet and we'll be fine, the one and only way to kill them is too damage the brain." He continued. I  wanted to just die but them my adrenaline kicked in, i need to get into shape my top priority is too keep my family and friends alive. "Pack clothes" Dad said. I got up and changed into navy blue sweatpants and a t-shirt, and slipped on my uggs, and put my hair in a mesy bun. I packed most of my clothes leaving the ones i didnt like behind. I grabbed my weapon belt that was my moms that held five throwing knives and a handbun with amo pockets and put it on. I grabbed all my suitcases with the help of Lindsey, and put them in the truck which was in the garage. I saw my dad packing water bottles and food. I hugged him, "We will be okay, i know we will" 

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