Kill to live, or live to be killed

I looked in his eyes as he changed i knew it had to happen but i couldnt bear to do it.


4. Lets go

 Vinnys POV: 

  "I know we'll be okay" he replied "tell Jakey that were leaving in 5 minutes, meet me in the truck, Lindsey is already in there." he said. I ran upstairs "Jake were leaving" I walked into his room and he was looking at a picture of mom, i walked up to him and gave him a hug. "Its gonna be okay lets go" He nodded while putting the picture in his pocket. We got in the truck, Dad was driving and jake was in the passenger side, while Lindsey was in the back with me. "When we open the garage there will be a ton out there so dont freak out" He said. He opened the garage and there were at least 100 things. We quickly pulled out and sped away, Lindsey had her ear buds listening to music from her phone, so i grabbed my beats headset and listened to music from my iphone, and stared outside the window there were alot of those things roaming the streets. "What about ryan and Alex?" I asked ''We cant leave them,please dad?'' i asked "im sorry sweet heart but the President wont allow it" He said sorrowful. I started to cry. I texted Ryan *Are you okay? please tell me your okay!* "You better save your phone battery, after its dead it will never turn on unless you find a charged battery, the power isnt going to work anymore, maybe at the White house but i dont know" he said. Weve been driving for 3 hours already. My phone vibrated, i grabbed it. *Yes im fine but the power doesnt work and my phone is at 5% i just want to let you know that i love you so much babe, never forget it, i will find you* That is the first time he ever said "I love you". *I love you too forever and always, we will see eachother again i know it stay safe im going to the white house go to somewhere closer to that so we can meet up or somthing the white house most likely has power so you can text or call anytime, i love you* My phone was at 73% but i gurantee the white house has power hopefully. My phone vibrated *I will there is a hotel a mile away i will go there and we can see eachother, i have Alex with me so tell Lindsey he said he loves her and we can all see eachother love ya bye* *i love you too* I put my phone down turned my music back on, and fell asleep. 

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