Redemption: A Batman Fanfiction

(Takes place 15 years after the events of Arkham City)
Fourteen-year-old Jess Ter Quinn Niche is leading a double life, carrying on the crime reign of her parents and saving Gotham citizens from muggings and robberies. Lately, however, she has been getting anonymous tips from some person called "K"...


11. Jess's Story- Entry Six

Life turned into an endless pattern. Wake up at 4 AM after a nightmare, mope for about an hour and then train in hand-to-hand combat until about three in the afternoon, and then have until eleven to herself. She would then sleep for an hour, go out as Blackbird until one AM, and return. Four hours of sleep a night.

Jess was sleep-deprived and worn out. This was not a very good combination at the best of times. She supposed that she could always use her downtime to take a nap . . . but she'd convinced herself as a child that naps were for wimps.

One evening about a month after she had started training with Coleman, she was wandering around the spacious apartment when she stumbled upon a small box hidden in a cabinet. Her heartbeat quickened. I'm probably not supposed to see this. she thought to herself, and yanked out the box after quickly looking around to make sure she was not being watched.

She recognized the handwriting on a folder as that of Dr. Jonathan Crane, better known as the Scarecrow. Jess knew the fiends of Gotham well, as either she or her mother would work with them often.

Shaking, she opened the folder to find a receipt. The antidote for Joker Gas and Joker toxins? Something here just wasn't adding up.

Suddenly, realization hit her like a wrecking ball.

He would only need the antidote if someone had given him a dose of Joker toxin or Joker gas, and the only person that still had the ability to do that was . . . was . . .

She was stunned to the point of not being able to speak. "He killed my mother." she finally whispered, shocked. "He. Killed. My. Mother."

She hardly noticed when the door slammed and Coleman stormed into the room, obviously furious. "What are you doing?" he demanded.

The anger holding back any fear she might have normally had, Jess immediately stood and spun on her heels to face the much-larger person. "You killed my mother!" she spat. She contemplated fighting for a second, but decided that she was not ready to do it . . . especially not here. She turned tail and jumped out a window, landing nimbly on her feet and continuing to run away.

She didn't know he was following her until she felt him grab her. Being as skinny as she was, she squirmed her way out of his grip.

"Jessica, you can come quietly or I can kill you right here and now." Coleman was more pissed off than Jess had ever cared to see.

"You killed my mother. I can't stand to be around someone who killed the only person I really cared about. You want to kill me? Fine. Go ahead and try." she was a little bit too cocky for her own good at the moment, not that she cared.

(A/N: I'm pretty shaky on fight scenes, so I apologize if this isn't up to your expectations.)

She was able to dodge a couple of swings as she pulled out her knife. She dived at his ankles and was able to get a couple of good swipes in before rolling backwards back into standing position. He took out a gun.

"Oh, we're using weapons now?" he asked, firing three bullets which she was luckily able to dodge. The fourth, however, hit her in the arm, and as she struggled to compose herself again, Coleman - or, as he was called now, Kaos - slammed her midsection with the barrel of the gun, knocking her headfirst into a nearby brick building.

This is it. I'm going to die. She thought desperately to herself, fighting the long tendrils of blackness creeping into the corners of her vision. She saw him aim the gun at her, put his finger on the trigger, and . . .

Someone dressed in purple jumped between her and the line of shooting.

"You may have gotten one of my girls, but you won't get them all!"

What . . .? Was her last thought before the darkness took over.

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