Redemption: A Batman Fanfiction

(Takes place 15 years after the events of Arkham City)
Fourteen-year-old Jess Ter Quinn Niche is leading a double life, carrying on the crime reign of her parents and saving Gotham citizens from muggings and robberies. Lately, however, she has been getting anonymous tips from some person called "K"...


1. Jess's Story- Entry One

**2:45 AM**

A skinny, silent form stood watch over Gotham from a rooftop.

She sighed. There had been a series of small robberies lately, and she had no idea where the crooks would strike next.

She was depressingly skinny and quite short. You could see her ribs through the thin, skintight jumpsuit she wore, and her ninja mask offered no help in discovering her identity other than showing her blue eyes.

She was the hero known to the public as Blackbird.

Blackbird knelt down, prepared to jump to the next rooftop. It was an ongoing joke between her and her mother that she was light enough to be carried by the wind, but as strange as it was, it was true.

Before she could jump, though, a rock hit the back of her head.

"Ow, what the heck?" she grumbled. Her voice sounded much like that of the Crown Prince of Crime, the villain that had terrorized Gotham for years and had been killed fifteen years ago.

She looked back angrily, and saw a rock about the size of her fist with a piece of paper tied to it with rubber band.

She shook her head and picked it up, revealing scrawled writing.

My nightmares will strike on Fifth Street in exactly five minutes. Expect Chaos...~K

She stared at the rock curiously, before quickly jumping on rooftops to reach Fifth Street, where she saw a group of masked men in front of the Bank of Gotham.

She jumped down lightly, barely making a sound, a cold wind blowing. She grabbed a crowbar and swung, hitting one of the men's heads with a thud and knocking him out.

His friends reacted quickly, but she was faster, dodging and eventually knocking them all out just before the police arrived. Swiftly, with cat-like movements, she climbed a latter to the nearest roof, leaving the police to wonder who she was.

Looking around to make sure no one was watching, she removed the Blackbird mask, revealing a pretty girl with long blond hair.

Her name was Jessica Theresa Quinzell Nicholson. The daughter of Harleen Quinzell and the Joker.

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