Redemption: A Batman Fanfiction

(Takes place 15 years after the events of Arkham City)
Fourteen-year-old Jess Ter Quinn Niche is leading a double life, carrying on the crime reign of her parents and saving Gotham citizens from muggings and robberies. Lately, however, she has been getting anonymous tips from some person called "K"...


2. Coleman's Story- Entry One

**2:20 AM**


All was going to plan. The Nightmares had shown up, as they always do, after all, they were just his imagination, he had complete control. He had  learned to control it. When they sent him to Arkham Asylum, and he saw the nightmares from his childhood risen again, that's when he knew it wasn't real. No matter what the doctors and therapists said, they were just his imagination. His mother told him so.


And when he heard of Blackbird, and her escapades in Gotham, he knew she had nightmares too. He knew he could help her control them, then he could control her, and together they would bring Chaos to Gotham, and then the world.


It was easy to bribe the "crooks," as the other nightmares call them. They were there, loitering, just like the ones back in Arkham City. Fighting, yelling profanity. They didn't like him at first, he looked out of place among them, scrawny yet muscular, while the rest of them were so heavyset. But after he took care of the mean ones, leaving what was left of their bodies in the outside dumpsters, the rest of them were a lot more "polite." Then it was only a matter of explaining to them that a jewelers on Fifth street had gone bankrupt, and was especially vulnerable. They liked the sound of that, and, after grabbing whatever weapons they could, (He noticed one of them carried a CHAD-Carbine N64, a weapon of his own company's make) and raced towards Fifth, stopping only to holler something about "The Big Bucks!"


How he hated the scum of Gotham. However he had no time to wallow in his petty hatred, and he climbed the access ladder to the roof of the pre-chosen building, overlooking the "bankrupt jewellers" (it was truly just a run-down keepsake shop, but by the time those morons realise that, they will have fulfilled their purpose.)


Tying the scrawled note around the rock, he crouched in wait of his honoured guest...

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