Out of Bounds

Zoey is starting university in New York with her best friends Lilly and Autumn. They all got scholarships to Juilliard. They have been best friends since grade school. Lilly and Autumn both have had boyfriends since grade 11 and Zoey is still single. Will she find true love in college? Or will she suffer from heartbreak?


11. Chapter 11

Zoey's P.O.V.

I open my eyes, listening to the sound of many different machines making beeping sounds. I reach my right arm over to my left touching the rough hard material on my arm. I see that my left leg is in the air, casted. What happened to me? What did Ryan do to me? Or was it my father? I start panicking. Hyperventilating, I wipe the back of my hand across my sweaty forehead. My lips parting letting out a sigh that seems to form one word "Cam" I whisper quietly. Cam? I try to put a face to this familiar name, but I can't. But thinking about this one name seems to calm me.

I look around the room that I am in. I see the machines that are connected to my body. Im wearing a hospital gown in an empty room. Alone. Why does everyone always leave me alone? A single tear rolls down my cheek and I furiously wipe it away. Why do I always cry when I'm angry? I close my eyes letting out a frustrated sigh. Then quickly look up, wiping my eyes, when I hear the sound of the door opening. He runs his hand through his dark hair, scratching behind his neck. His sweater lift up just enough for me to see his perfect treasure trail and abs. "Zo" he breathes out walking to the side of the bed grasping my hand. My eyes follow him and his touch brings back a flood of memories. Camron, Lilly, Autumn, school, walking to Starbucks, asking myself questions, falling. I piece together all my memories letting out a sob. "Cam" I say trying to reach for him. My cast collides with his shoulder, shit. That was pretty stupid. I mentally facepalm as he rubs his shoulder but he stand up and picks me up carefull not to pull any wires and pulls me to him. This time, learning from my mistakes, I leave my casted arm by my side and wrap my other arm around his neck. "Cam" I say into his shoulder. He grabs a fist full of my hair and kisses my head. "Zo" he says. I pull him closer to me by his shirt and crash my lips to his, as silent tears roll down my cheeks. He dabbed them with his finger, making each one disappear, never parting our lips. Lilly cleared her throat and Cam stepped back, sitting in the chair beside the bed. His arm lingered on my arm tracing his fingers down it then returned it to his pocket.

I wrapped my arms around Lilly and Autumn but all I wanted was Cam's lips on mine.

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