one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


3. Sameerah

You are on your way to London for brake. As you board the plan you run into a boy with curly brown hair. You look up staring into his dreamy green eyes and say your sorry for bumping into him. "O its okay...." Sameerah." You say really fast. He smiles at you and boards the plan. Soon after you do the same. The moment you get on the plan you see how crowed it is and are struggling to find a seat. When you see a hand shoot in the air. The hand starts to wave at you as if saying here you can sit next to me.

You follow the hand to see where or to who it leads you to. You find no  other then the same person you bumped into early. You look down at you feet and say, "Um hi is anyone siting here?" He looks up a little shocked that you managed to talk at all but moves his bag. "No but your more then welcome to sit here if you want." You turn taking one last look at all the seats. Having no luck you sit down and don't complain.

You and him sit their in silence when the flight attendant goes on. "If you could all just buckle your seat belts the plan will be taking off very shortly." You looked down and get buckled. As the plan starts to take off he turns to face you. Wait in silence to see what might happen next. "um... hi my names Harry. Harry Styles." As soon as you hear that you want to scream with exciment. You cant believe hat your siting next to Harry styles from one direction. You favorite band in the hole world. You decided to play it cool in fear that you might freak him out.

"O cool." He looks at again and says , "You know Sameerah you have really pretty eyes." You see him leaning in closer and closer until you faces are just a few inches away. He brushes the hair out of your face and whispers in you hear.

"I know we just meat and all but I cant help but fall madly in love with you. Would you go out with me?"  

You look at him shocked and at the same time you cant believe what just happened. You slowly node you head yes as he leans in and kiss you on the lips. You close you eyes to savor the moment and think to your self this is the best trip ever!

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