one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


7. Melanie

You and Louis are going out for a night on the town. He takes your hand in his as you stare up at the stairie night sky. "Wow Louis this is breath taking." You say as you look at the sky. He takes his hand turning your head to face him and says, "Its not as breath taking as you tonight." You giggle at the complement he just gave you.

The two of you lean in for a kiss. Then before you know it things are started to get heated up. He leads you back to your car still kissing you as hard as he can. "Hey Melanie why don't why go back to my house and  have a little fun to night." He winks at you as you get your self buckled in. The two of you head back to Louis house laughing about the fun you two had. 

When you get their he turns to you and says, "Welcome to my home can I get you a drink or anything?" You shake your head no as he takes your hand again. He leads you up stairs and into his room. Then he goes into the bathroom giving you a chance to catch your breath. Well hes in the bathroom you explore his room. Then when you hear Louis coming back you strip your self  until your just wearing underwear and and a bra. You see him come out in nothing but his boxers.

You climb on his bed and call him over. Louis makes a joke and then he climbs into the bed with you. The two of you have a lot of fun at night. The next day Louis text you and says "Hey um i think we were a little to loud last night lol." You text him back saying, "What do you mean?" and just says, "Harry says he heard a lot of noises last night." You start to laugh at the text he sent you. Then you think back to the night you had with Louis.

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