one direction imagens book #2

Just comment who you want to be with and your name and ill make it come true only now it can be anybody famous or not you name it.


10. Kate

You and your friends are going out for ice cream cause its really hot out right now.  When you go up to the ice cream cart you and your friends all order. You offer to pay for it but they insist they help. "Okay fine well all split it okay?" Both of your friends shake their heads in agreement. When you go up to pay the guy he looks at you. "What's the matter sir?" "This isn't enough money to pay for the ice cream." "One of you will have to give up your ice cream." Your now trying to figure out a way to pay the man when a boy in jeans a white T- shirt and glasses walks up behind you. He stops bye you tips his glasses down just enough so you can see his bright blue eyes.

The boy gets his ice cream and pays for it. Then as he's leaving he passes you a 20 dollar bill. "keep it Kate I don't need it." You stand their shocked at the fact that he knows your name! You hand the guy the money and walk away with your friends. "He was kind of cute don't you think?" "Who was he?" You hear your friends just chatting away about the boy who helped you out. "Hey Kate don't you want to know who he is too?" You shake your heard.

The next day you see him again only this time you follow him. You follow him to every place until finally he turns around and smiles at you. You notice that he's wearing the same thing just a different shirt this time. "Can I help you with something?" He ask you with a thick Irish accent. You nodded your head. "How did you know my name?" He laughs again. "Kate you don't reamber who I am its me Niall your old friend." He waves at you smiling. You turn to your friends who are looking at you worried. "What is it guys im just talking to him." "Talking to who Kate theirs no one their. You turn around and see the boy called Niall still standing their. "Yes their is his name is niall."

Your friends just shrug and walk away leaving you alone with Niall. "Why can't they see you Niall?" He looks down at the ground the smile on his face is gone. "What's the matter Niall?' "They cant see me because im not hear." You look at him confused and then the next thing you know he's shaking you saying, "KATIE WAKE UP! KATIE WAKE UP!" You open your eyes up to see that your in your room still and Niall is not hear. "Sweetie you almost missed the concert tonight." You look at your mom and say concert?" "Yes sweetie the One Direction concert your going to."

*skip rest of day*

that night you had so much fun dancing and singing along with the lads and when the concert was over you got to go back stage and meat them. When you walk back stage you see all the boys laughing but the one that catches your eye is Niall. He walks up to you and says, "Omg its really you! I haven't seen you since mom and dad took me to the X-Factors! Its so good to see you again sis!" He pulls you into a hug and that's when you realize that Niall horan is your brother.

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