The Mystery that Is my Life

Look, I’m gonna skip right to the chase okay? No stupid introductions no “Hi, my name is…” Got it? Cool. I guess you could say I’m on the run but I’d like to think it’s a bit more interesting than that. It’s more like this is a secret only you get to hear. This is the part where you jump up and down with joy by the way. No? Okay. Well it’s the life they don’t know about and I’d like to keep it that way. SO that means puny human life form, keep your big mouth shut. Now this is extremely confusing even for me so just go with it. I’m Elizabeth, just Elizabeth. I’m 6,939 days old in Earth years, so nine-teen basically. But I lost count of my real age a while ago. I've got long wavy light purple hair. A lip piercing, several tattoos and gray eyes brimmed with green and some flecks of the jade color near my pupils. That’s all you need to know for now. I shall now spill my deepest darkest memories onto these pages. I hope you enjoy the mystery that is my life.


6. Grey

 My feet hit the ground hard as I try to level with my opponent. My fist smashes into his face, blood erupts from his nose spraying me like a hose. I sink the bottom of my boot into his chest and push him to the floor. As soon as his head collides with the floor, I run. I’m dripping with sweat as I push through the crowds of people emerging from the subway entrance. I shove and kick and punch anything in my way. I finally make it to the ground and collapse in a heap. I’m out of breath, but I don’t have time to relax. I allow myself 2 seconds of rest before I am off the ground and sprinting through the streets. I swing my head from side to side, looking for the grey suits of my attackers. A pain spreads through my leg and I fall face first onto a yellow taxi cab. I feel the blood soaking through the thin material of my jeans but I don’t allow myself to look down at the injury only look for the shooter.


“Get off my car you bitch!” I hear the voice of a man that has obviously abused his body with years worth of smoking. I launch myself at the man, tackling him down. My hands lock around his neck. Without a moments hesitation, I sink the sharp tip of my knife into his gut. His body goes limp and I hear the terrified wails of the onlookers surrounding me. I hope in the cab and hear the crunching of several bones. Whoops. I speed down the streets, crashing into several cars, running multiple stop lights. Before I know it I hear the sirens and see the blue and red lights indicating that the police is on my tail. I turn, fast, the tires screech and I smell burnt rubber. I slam my foot on the brake. The car rockets forward and I am spinning in the air. The car is now completely out of control, but I am not. I pull out my handy dandy ear buds and press play once they are securely placed on my ears. The taxi cab hits the ground with a deafening boom and explodes on impact. But by the time the smoke clears and the police stop I am halfway across town, invisible to the human eye. My legs are pumping up and down at the speed of light. I need to make it there on time. I close my eyes, I get a feeling at the pit of my stomach and I know when I open my eyes I will be at Level 0. The wind lashes at my body. My body ignites till I am uncomfortably hot. Steam rises off my body. I feel my clothes catch fire. Then the burning sensation is gone and I am safe, for now. I recognize the black building as soon as I step in. This is the training facility I grew up in all my human life and this was all just a test. I unplug my buds just as the last line plays:

“Did I leave my life to chance or did I make you fucking dance?”

I limp down the empty corridor, my footsteps not making a sound. My breath fills the silence and my sweat leaves a trail. I let my hand drag along side of the wall, taking in the texture of every bump and crack. My hand catches on a dent that I don’t remember, blood trickles down slowly from my finger. I crouch down to inspect this new hole. It’s the size of a bullet. Every instinct in my body is telling me something is horribly wrong. I strain my ears for any sound that is unfamiliar. I hear silence. I stand up slowly. Making sure I don’t make a single sound. My back is pressed tightly to the wall. One agonizing step at a time, I make my way to the charcoal black door that stands at the end of the hall. I grab hold of the handle and turn. I open it just enough to stick my head into the room. The scene that greets me is something I would have never imagined possible. They were here. A tall man with a crisp grey suit glares down at me.

“I’ve missed you an awful lot, my dear Elizabeth” Grey whispers. His words fill the silence and hang there waiting to be absorbed, but I refuse to believe he is here. This is the man that made me what I am today. This is the man that rules over my parallel universe, the one who tortured me to death and brought me back to life only for his own pleasure. 

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