The Mystery that Is my Life

Look, I’m gonna skip right to the chase okay? No stupid introductions no “Hi, my name is…” Got it? Cool. I guess you could say I’m on the run but I’d like to think it’s a bit more interesting than that. It’s more like this is a secret only you get to hear. This is the part where you jump up and down with joy by the way. No? Okay. Well it’s the life they don’t know about and I’d like to keep it that way. SO that means puny human life form, keep your big mouth shut. Now this is extremely confusing even for me so just go with it. I’m Elizabeth, just Elizabeth. I’m 6,939 days old in Earth years, so nine-teen basically. But I lost count of my real age a while ago. I've got long wavy light purple hair. A lip piercing, several tattoos and gray eyes brimmed with green and some flecks of the jade color near my pupils. That’s all you need to know for now. I shall now spill my deepest darkest memories onto these pages. I hope you enjoy the mystery that is my life.


1. Prologue

I hear the echo of gun shots vibrating through the hollow corridor. Time seems to slow painfully and I can’t get a grip on what’s real and what’s not. Images of me sitting in a black room at a large mahogany desk flash before my eyes then fade away only to be replaced by images of the same room but me no longer in it. I hear the wild tapping of skilled fingers typing furiously on a keyboard. No this can’t be happening. Get me out. My vision comes back into focus. It’s not real I try to convince myself but I’m not buying it. My heart beats uncontrollably. Why am I here? The steady pounding of hundreds of trained men and women’s in sync footsteps fill my mind until my thoughts become a jumble of words with no end or beginning with no order. Just like the rest of my life. The footsteps grow louder and louder. A sharp pain spreads through my core like a wildfire and my vision begins to blur. I need to get out. I need to get out. I dig through my pockets in search of my safe haven. I pull out a set of once white earphones, but now are stained brown with the passage of time. Quickly popping them into my ears, the cord dangles before my eyes, swaying back and forth resembling the ticking of a clock, reminding me that my time is limited. The footsteps are just around the corner now. The ground shakes with the relentless pounding of black polished shoes. I jam the plug of the buds into the outlet in my belt. The vibrations get stronger; my feet begin to tremble, my knees buckling. It is now impossible to stand. My thin frame is thrown sideways into the walls and onto the floor. My shoulders collide with the jagged bricks, my arms out stretched in an attempt to find balance in this messed up place. I have no such luck. My palms smack down onto to the cracked tile of the dimly lit hallway. I feel the blood begin to pool under the skin that came into contact with the floor. I don’t allow myself to feel the pain. Pain is for those who have emotions, for those that are weak with their own self pity. A thick black cloud forms in front of me, until all I see is black. Black, black, black. I am petrified, frozen in place. Is this real? Am I in that room or am I here in this building? I realize it is real. The black I am seeing is not the paint from a room that no longer exist but of the armor of the guards coming to take my life. The only problem is I don’t want to die and that thought ignites my body. I feel the strength sink back into my flesh reviving me. One limb at a time the energy pulses through me, I am infinite. I press play and let the music flood my head. I slowly begin to disappear. Bullets pass through my transparent skin, sailing to the other side of the hall where it finds a new target, but they are not satisfied. They want me. The walls begin to crumple, each brick falling out of place, but they hold their ground. They won’t let it go, they won’t let me go. I wonder how this will end but I don’t stay long enough to find out. The beat picks up and I am gone. Carried away by the sound of music by the thoughts of life and by the will to live. I close my eyes and let myself go. When I re-open them, I’m in a familiar place. I’m…well I would say I’m home. But, you see? I don’t have a home. I live in two worlds. I’m on my own and that is how it has always been and how it’ll always be. I am no ones missing puzzle piece, no ones soul mate. My hand doesn't fit into that of another humans and my name is not one that is loved. My face will be forgotten just as my name will when my eyes shut in an eternal sleep. But I don’t even have that thought to comfort my aching soul because I cannot go to that place up above or even to the darkest depths of hell. I am infinite. I don’t fit in anywhere. That is my curse as well as my blessing. I live in two worlds. Where fitting in isn't always great, sometimes you need to learn to be the shadow, to conceal yourself from the harshness of the world. But there is a place where you can not fit in and yet you stand out like a diamond. A diamond in the ruff. This is my story. It does not take place neither in the past nor in the future but in the present, as all things should be. Music is my escape and this book is my canvas. I am a star in one world but forgotten in the other. When the clock strikes midnight I am transported through the endless chasm of space and into my parallel universe. I lock myself in this black room that does not exist and make them believe what is not real. I am not their entertainment, not anymore. I write my own life and all they see is me scribbling on a book. I am so much more interesting than that but will they ever know? No. Now with my pen I will guide you through the train wreck that is my life but only if you are willing. Do you trust yourself to not back away or run at the first mention of my monstrosity, of my powers? Do you swear it on your life and the ones I am sure call you a loved one as well you call them. If not I kindly ask you to shut your eyes, put this down, and get the hell out before it is too damn late for your worthless mind.

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