Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


7. When the Moon came out to Play

The creature grabs Jasmin by her ankles and jerks her to the ground and immediately drags her back down the hall. Zoei quickly turns around as she hears Jasmin screaming for her. "Jasmin!!" 

Zoei's scream echo's all throughout the halls, Libby and Brandi both snap there heads back. Libby immediately runs back after Zoei. Brandi stands there watching her disappear into the shadows. Looking around her, Brandi crosses her arms and begins walking back. 

Running after Jasmin, Zoei trips over a gurney and falls face forward to the ground. Groaning in pain she lifts up her head, lightly touching her nose she winces in pain. She then hears Jasmin scream. Slowly getting up she feels a hand touch her shoulder, screaming out in fear she turns around to see Libby standing there panting. "What's wrong?!" Libby anxiously ask's. 

Zoei completely ignores Libby and runs towards the security room window, gasping she see's Jasmin laying on the table. "Jasmin?" She softly calls out. But no reply. Zoei cautiously walks around the corner and stands in front of the doorway, peering into the room. Libby slowly stands in front of the window and watches carefully. 

"Zoei?" Libby quietly calls out for her. 

Zoei hears a crunch noise in the corner of the room, slowly stepping into the room she see's something dripping from the table with Jasmin still laying on it. "Jasmin?" She quietly whispers. No reply. 

Peering into the corner of the room she see's something hunched over eating something. Zoei sneaks towards the table and lightly shakes Jasmin's leg. "Let's go." Zoei say's keeping her eyes on the creature still in the corner. She then hears Libby gasp from the window, Zoei's eyes dart to Libby to see her eyes wide and mouth open. Giving her a confused stare, she follows Libby's gaze to Jasmins body. 

Zoei gasp's as she see's the horror in front of her. "She-...she...she.."Zoei stutter's out. Taking a step back she trips over a fallen over chair. The creature in the corner twist it's neck around and stares at Zoei, she see's its mouth covered in blood. Crawling away from it she get's to the doorway. 

The creature slowly gets up, holding something in it's hand. "No, no, no, no, no, no." Zoei say's to herself in denial. The creature holds up Jasmins head in its hand smiling deviously at her. Libby lets out a scream as she begins running down the hall, passing Brandi. Zoei struggles getting herself up, and runs off following Libby. Brandi stepping up to the window see's Jasmin's headless body. Groaning, she steps away from the window. The creature suddenly throws the head at the window startling Brandi, she jumps back and quickly runs away. 

The creature begins snickering as it grabs Jasmin's legs and drags her off the table and into the hallway. Dragging her bloody body, smearing blood behind her. The creature and corpse vanish into the darkness while still snickering. 

Andrew and Abby both crawl out from underneath the bed as they hear Libby and Zoei screaming. Quickly walking out the room they were in hiding in, they see Libby running towards them with tears streaming down her face. "Andrew!" Libby screams out as she rams into him hugging him tight. Zoei catches up to them panting loudly, bending over with her hands on her thighs she immediately pukes on the wall. "What the hell happen? Where's Brandi and Jasmin?" Abby anxiously ask's as she looks behind Zoei. 

"I'm right here." Brandi say's walking out from the dark hall, walking past Zoei. "Jasmin's dead. Something tore off her head." Brandi bluntly says aloud. Andrew gasp's as his eyes widen in confusion. "She-... wait what?" 


Andrew gulps loudly as he grabs at his collar, staring straight ahead at the door. His eyes begin to water up as he lips begin trembling as well. Letting out a sigh he wipes his face and looks back at the girls, "We need to keep going, just in case there are of them coming." He immediately walks away. Brandi brushes past the girls, continuing to stand still, they glance at Brandi to see a smirk on her face. 

"I'm gonna kick her ass." Zoei mutters to herself as she follows along with everyone else behind her. 




"Do you think this will lead us to the staircase?" Joana ask's as she peers back at Ari, who's crawling behind her. He shrugs his shoulders, "Lets just hope it does. What else have we got to lose right?" Ari says chuckling as Joana rolls her eyes and continues crawling. 

Suddenly a loud growl stops the four of them dead in there tracks. "What the hell was that?" Van quietly ask's as she peers through the vent flaps below her. Gasping she grabs Helicia's feet to keep her from moving any further. Helicia grunts as she feels the tug at her feet, glancing back she see's Van staring down. Joana and Ari stop and giving Helicia a concerning look, Helicia simply shrugs her shoulder's. 

"Van, what are you staring at?" Helicia anxiously ask's as she tries to look down through the vent flaps as well. Van looks up with her mouth slightly open. 

"We need to keep quiet. And keep moving. Joana and Ari, don't look down as you go by." Van pleads as she begins crawling. Joana and Ari glance at each other and begin crawling, Joana holds her chin up high as she crawls by. Ari glances down at the floor to see the creature in his face, letting out a shriek he slams the top of his head on the ceiling. "Go faster!"

Joana glances back to see the creatures trying to stick its fingers through the flaps. She gasps as she crawls faster, with Ari close behind her. Rounding a corner of the vent Ari looks back to see the flaps gone and the creatures head above staring at him. "Move faster. Please." Ari pleads as he rounds the corner away from the creatures view. The creature smirks to itself as it pulls itself up into the vent. 

Helicia makes it to a dead end in the vent, looking down she pushes out the flaps. She carefully crawls out, hanging half way out the vent she lets go and falls onto her back. Swinging herself to the side she gets up and drags a table underneath the open vent. Van immediately jumps down onto the table, causing it to rattle. Ari glances behind him to see the creature crawling around the corner, with droll flowing out its mouth. "Shit! Hurry!"

Joana hangs half her body down, she looks behind Ari to see the creature within feet of him. "Ari! Crawl faster!!" 

The creature grabs at his feet and attempts to bite his calf, Ari immediately flips onto his back and begins kicking the creature in the face. The creature doesn't let him go, instead it tries to drag him closer to it. "Let me go!" Ari rolls onto his belly and sees Joana reaching out for his hand, "Ari, grab my hand!" 

He swiftly reaches out and grabs her hand, they both smile to each as she pulls him closer to her. The creature shrieks as it grabs both of Ari's legs and begins kicking around itself. Suddenly the ground beneath the creature breaks apart, causing it to fall through. Ari gasps as he feels the creature drag him down with it. Joana immediately tries to yank him back, "Ari, don't let go!" 

Ari's hand slip's through hers, causing him to fall into the hole with the creature, landing onto his back he slams his head onto the concrete ground. 

"Ari!!" Joana screams out as she tries to climb up through the vent, but the table underneath her breaks apart. She hits the ground and looks up to see Van and Helicia at a window screaming at it. 

"Get up!" 

"It's behind you!" 

Joana shakily gets up and walks towards the window. As she peers through the tinted windows she see's Ari pinned to the wall across from the window. Joana immediately begins slamming her hands against the window, to draw the creatures attention. "Hey, over here asshole!" 

The creature glances back at them, Ari takes that time to knee the creature in the gut. It lets him go and grabs at its stomach bending over. Ari quickly glances around the room to see him in some control room with few chairs and papers scattered on the ground with some pencils also. He picks up a chair and slams in down on the creatures back, slamming it to the ground. 

"Hungry." The creature roars out in desperation. Everyone gasps as they stare at the creature in shock, Ari takes a few steps back with the chair still in both hands. "He must be one of the human experiments" Van quietly mutters to herself, Joana glances to Van then to the creature. 

The creature quickly gets up shrieking as it reaches out for him, Ari throws the chair at it. The creature easily moves out the way, but doesn't anticipate Ari's tackle to the ground. He reaches to the side and grabs a pencil, lifting it up over his own head he stares down at the mutated man, staring into its eyes. The creature nods its head, causing Ari to frown in confusion. 

"What are you waiting for? Do it!" Helicia screams out as she anxiously watches. 

Ari yells as she slams the pencil down into the creature face multiple times, causing blood to squirt onto his pants. Ari slams the pencil down one more time, leaving the pencil lodged into it's eye. Breathing in heavily Ari shakily gets up and walks underneath the open vent, while dragging a chair along with him. 

He crawls through the vent and down into the room with the others. Glancing around the room he notices them inside the cafeteria. "Ari....Are you okay?" Joana softly ask's as she puts a hand on his shoulder, he flinches as he looks back at her with tired eyes.

"Yeah, I think so. We should find some place to rest for a few minutes." Ari hoarsely whispers, the others barely catch what he says. Van and Helicia easily find a spot in the corner of the cafeteria. They all sit around in a circle, quiet. Van looks around the cafeteria to see nothing but chairs drilled into the ground and one table leaned against the wall near the only exit out of the cafeteria. 

"What time is it?" Joana curiously ask' as she leans Aris head down onto her lap and begins running her hand through his hair. 

Helicia pulls out her cellphone and clicks it on, "It's 11:23." Joana chuckles to herself as she shakes her head, "We should just wait it out here until the security comes. Who gives a fuck about going to jail! Just as long as we survive!" Joana cries out as she wipes away sweat dripping down her forehead. 

"But what about the other's, we need to find them and wait it out together." Van sympathetically says as she raises her knees to her chest and begins hugging herself. 

"How would we even find them? We have no idea where the hell they are....let alone if there still....alive." Helicia says the last part to herself as she looks down at her hands. 

Ari sniffles as she lifts up his head to face everyone, "We should just worry about ourselves for now. Lets just rest for a few then think of what to do." Everyone nods there heads as he lays his head back down. Drifting into sleep he feels Joana lay his head down on the bare ground. 




Hiiiii! So I know it's been like months since I updates this story, but I was actually really occupied with "The Nightmare" and I just didn't have time for this one. But now I felt like I should of updated and so now here it is! I hope it good! I liked it! :D 

till next time, hopefully it'll be soon!??! 


p.s.-I just checked to see how long its been since I updated. its been like almost 6 months! JESUS CHRIST. You definitely wont have to wait that long for the next one LOLOL

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