Fate is Just a Four Lettered Word

Gut feeling's. People tend to never go by them in this day and age. What they go by is their hormone's, desire's, and need's. Fate. Another word people don't think too much of either. Will Fate put these teenager's on the chopping block only to be slaughtered like pig's? Fuck yeah he will. But he give's them a few little warning's ahead of time, but do they think clearly about them and stop? No. Watch them pay the price as they are torn limb by limb on their little "adventure dare" hear their plead's, and cries and feel the gore. Let the blood spill and the fun begin, shall we?

You have no idea what you're getting you're selves into.

This will be Rated [R] due to strong violence, language and gore.


1. Meet Your Character's

Thursday June 4, 6:45 a.m. Two day's before Summer Break, Four day's before Ari moves..



Peeking through the double door window's Ari cautiously peek's around the barely full lunch room. Slowly putting his hand on the handles, he slightly pull's it. Hearing a few people laughing from around the corner, Ari quickly open's the door and dashes in. Peeking out of the lunch room window, he see's Brandi and her group of 'Barbies' laughing and giggling to themselves looking through a Teen Vogue magazine. Scoffing and shaking his head in annoyance, he presses his forehead against the window, slowly breathing the window begin's to fog up. Looking at the fogged up window, he lift's up his finger and begin's drawing a penis.

Chuckling to himself, he wipes it away. Letting out a sigh, he open's the door while looking at the ground, suddenly he hear's someone gasp. Widening his eye's in realization of the gasp maker, he slowly look's up to see Joana with eyes wide in excitement and mouth open, charging at him. Putting his hand's up, with the look of sheer terror, Joana jump's into his arm's. 

Tackling him to the ground, Ari let's out a loud grunt as they slam onto the ground. The very few people around them, begin to laugh and giggle walking right past them. Laying over him, nearly straddling him with her hair covering both their face's. Joana begin's to chuckle to herself, "Ari, you know what we should all should do before you move back to Florida next week?" Inching her face closer and closer to him, he gulp's loudly. "What?" 

She inches her face next to his ear speaking softly, "Let's go to the end of the school year party! Since we won't see you all Summer." Blowing a little bit of air into his ear, Ari shudder's as he throw's her to the side and sit's on top of her stomach. 

"You know I hate it when you do that! I'm gay, I don't want you're vagina. But an end of the school year party? They actually do that kinda stuff here?" Ari frown's, "This is why I was trying to avoid everyone, especially you!" He flick's Joana in the nose, gasping she scrunches up her face and throw's Ari to the side, rolling on top of him,  she smiles batting her lashes at him.  

"The best part about the party is that NO teacher's are allowed, since it's only for junior's going on to be seniors and for seniors who graduated. No stupid ass fucking freshman are allowed, so it should be fun! C'mon!" Joana smiles big showing her teeth and putting both her hand's below her chin curled up. Shaking his head in annoyance Ari pokes her side, she immediately begin's to giggle falling off of him. Laying there on the ground, staring up at the ceiling they both smile to themselves. 


Joana gasp's loudly, she quickly get's on all four's facing Ari, she bites her lip and excitedly fist pump's the air, "Fuck yeah dude! Okay, let's go tell everybody!" She quickly get's up and pull's the door handle open, stopping she slowly look's back to see Ari still laying on the ground. He chuckles to himself, feeling the intense stare from Joana. Ari glances up at her and wink's.

She grunt's as she trudges to him, standing above him she put's her hand's on her hips. "Let's go." He lift's up both of his arm's, she scoff's as she shakes her head. "You're gonna get dirty." Ari shrug's his shoulder's, Joana glares as she grabs both of his wrist and begin's pulling him. Dropping his arms to the ground, she turns around and flings the double door's open, lifting up his arm's again she grabs them. 

Letting out a sigh, he shrug's as people give him an odd look in the hallway. Pulling him along with her to the empty side of the cafeteria. Joana smirk's as she spot's a trash can ahead of them in between two tables. Gaining speed, Ari widen's his eye's in fear. "Jo! You're going too fast!" 

As she gain's momentum she quickly slide's to the side, letting go of Ari. He let's out a scream as he slides into the trash can, knocking it over a few tray's with crumbs and toast cover his clothes and face. Joana burst's into laughter, holding her side's she falls into the chair behind her. Ari begin's gagging at the sensation of crumb's rubbing against his body under his shirt and jean's. 

"Oh my god, dude! You're face is fucking priceless!" Joana nearly shout's in between shaky breaths, Ari quickly get's up off the ground shaking his shirt and jean's. Squirming as he see's more and more crumbs drizzling down his shirt and neck. He pat's his head once and more crumb's fall down his face. Fumbling with his hair, Joana pat's her stomach as she let's out one more chuckle. 

Looking around she notices a group of people waving at her, signaling for them to come they all skip toward's her. 

"Hey dudes, Ari said he's going!" Joana shout's as she point's at Ari piling crumb's in his hand's. Jasmin rushes over to him, jumping up and down in front of him, "Really?! Yeee!" She giggles as she kicks away crumbs next to her feet. Andrew nod's his head in a slow movement, "Yesss." Dragging out the 'S', he wink's at Van. Rolling her eye's at him, she smiles as she walk's up to Ari, extending her hand out to him, "That's awesome you're going, suck's we're not gonna see you all Summer though." Van shrug's as she look's at the ground. 

Taking her hand, Ari get's up off the ground holding the crumb's in his left hand. He smiles brightly at her, "Yeah, it totally..suck's." Coughing to himself, he glares at Joana as she dig's through her bag. Inching his way toward's her Van groans as she slams her phone shut. 

"I don't think I can go to the party tomorrow night, my mom is making me go to some Chinese festival their having downtown. Since when did TEXAS have Chinese festivals?" Van throw's her hand's up in confusion. Joana look's up from her bag, Ari quickly stop's moving, giving Van a confused stare, "Dude, I thought you were Korean?" 

Jasmin immediately burst into a high pitched laughter, suddenly another student on the other side of the room screams out to her, "Callarse, pinche caballo (Shutup, stupid horse)!" Joana and Ari both glance at each other, and burst into laughter. Jasmin looking at them both in confusion, then quickly turns to the Mexican boy eating his breakfast glaring at her. 

"What the fuck does that mean?!" She holler's across the cafeteria.. The Mexican man shakes his head and leave's. Looking back at Ari and Joana, "What did he say!?" Andrew and Van glance at Joana. 

Joana wipes away a tear from her eye, "He said 'Shutup, stupid horse'." Jasmin's mouth drop's as she turns to look at the Mexican boy. "That asshole! Where is he, imm'a pop a cap in his ass." She squint's her eyes as she uses her hand as a gun aiming. Andrew and Van chuckle to themselves. 

Ari wiping away tear's from his eyes, hold's his left hand behind his back. "We need more people to go with us, I wanna make an entrance with a lot of people." Joana smiles as she shoves her hand in her bag again. Ari gasp's excitedly, "Can I invite people?" 

Joana look's up at him with a surprised look, "Who did you have in mind?" Ari smiles evilly to himself. "It's just a friend I made when I was in MineralSmells. Helicia?" Joana makes an 'O' with her mouth.

Snapping her finger's and pointing at him, "Right, I remember you telling me about that place and her. Sure, she can come. Anyone else?" Ari tap's his chin, "Yes. We weren't as close, but we were still friends, Zoei and Libby?"

Andrew and Jasmin both raise a brow, "Do you think they'll come?" Andrew curiously ask's as he look's down at his watch. Ari nod's his head smiling, "I'm sure they will! I'll call them when I get home." Joana and Van both nod their head in agreement. Andrew sigh's as he look's up from his watch, "We should head to class, the bell's gonna ring in a minute." Everyone groan's as they pick up their bag's from the ground. 

Van smiles as she walk's away waving, "Okay, I'll see you guy's tomorrow! I'm heading home, no classes for me! And Ari tell you're mom I said Hi!" She wink's and dashes away toward's the double door's. Andrew and Jasmin both wrap their arm's around each other and skip away as the bell ring's. "Bye nigga's!" Jasmin scream's back at Joana and Ari. Chuckling to themselves, Joana lift's up her bag and put's it around her shoulder. 

"Bye dude, see ya later." Joana waves, putting her back to Ari she walk's away. Ari smiles deviously as he raises his left hand up to his face, quietly creeping behind her. Raising his arm above her head, Joana quickly stop's and swing's her bag behind her, slamming it against his stomach. Lowering his arm, she grabs the left over crumbs from his hand and throws it in his face. 

Smiling at him, she wink's and walks away. "Ugh, you little...I'll get you." Groaning in pain, he wipes away the crumb's. Bending over in pain he slowly makes his way to the double door's. Suddenl ythe door's open wide, slamming into his face.

"Son of a bitch!"



Thursday afternoon June 4, 4:30 p.m. Ari's home



Ari slowly walk's onto his porch, holding an ice pack to his nose, he pull's out his house key. Turning the lock, he open's the door wide. Throwing his backpack in the closet to his left, he slams the door shut with his foot. Groaning he steadily walk's through the living room and dinning room and into the kitchen. Hopping up on to the counter, he look's around the soulless room's. Sighing to himself he set's down the bag of ice next to him, his nose alittle purple. He raises his finger to his nose and lightly touches the middle of his nose, wincing from the pain he quickly put's the ice back on. 

Sighing to himself, he climbs off the counter and steps in front of the fridge opening it. Glancing at the little food left in their, "I really need to go grocery shopping, I barely have any food left. But I'm leaving so, whatever." Digging through the fridge he moves a bottle of Tabasco sauce, "Mommy, where's the-!" Cutting himself off, he slowly closes the fridge and turn's to face the dark hallway, a door on the left and right and then another door at the very end closed. 

Closing his eye's he lean's against the fridge, looking up at the ceiling he tosses the ice bag into the sink. Looking ahead of him he walk's into the empty hallway, flipping on the light switch he walks to the door on the left with the word 'Sister' written across it. Putting his hand over the pink bold letter's, his hand slowly moves down to the doorknob. Squeezing the doorknob, he let's go and turns to face the door on the right. Looking at the word 'Brothers' written across the door in bold blue and purple stripped letter's. A small smile form's at the corner of his lip's, sliding his hand down to his side he faces the end of the hallway to the door at the end. 

Staring at the empty white framed photo's on the wall on both side's of him, he crosses his arm's. Stopping a few inches from the door, he scans over the word 'Parents' in bold black fancy writing. Scoffing he shakes his head and takes a step back. Turning on his heel he walks away back to the kitchen. Grabbing the ice pack from the sink, he places it back on his nose. 

Ari walk's back into the fridge, opening it he dig's through it and pull's out two soda's. Walking up to the pantry door, next to the fridge, he open's it up and pulls out a Family size of Takis and Munchies, holding them all in one arm he see's a jar of Peanut Butter and grabs it aswell. Taking a plastic spoon from a bag, he makes his way to the living room. Dumping all the junk food onto the small table in the middle of the three couches, he sit's down and grabs the remote. Flipping on the t.v., he look's to the left and picks up the phone.

Dialing in a number, he put's it up to his ear waiting. After a few second's someone answer's, "Hello?" 

"Helicia!" Ari shout's into the phone, Helicia grunt's as she scratches her head. 

"Ari, how did you get my number?" Helicia anxiously asks as she munches on a handful of chip's. 

Ari chuckles awkwardly as he scratches the back of his hand , "Facebook" 

Helicia let's out a giggle, "Oh my gawd, creeper! What do you need?" 

"Our school is having a party and we want more people to go with us. Do you wanna go with me?" 

Helicia hum's to herself as she thinks, "Sure! Where at though?" 

"It's going to be here in Fort Worth, and I know you live far away! Don't worry, I'll pick you up!" Ari chuckles as he opens the bag of Takis and soda can, taking a slurp he pop's a few pieces of Takis into his mouth. 

Helicia nod's her head, "I'll go then. Is you're fine ass dad gonna pick us up?" Ari open's his mouth, but closes it. He look's back at the empty hallway and let's out a sigh.

"No, you whore! I'm gonna pick you up. And also can you call and ask Zoei and Libby if they wanna come also?" Ari rub's his forehead in frustration as he hear's Helicia scoff.

Shoving another handful of chips into her mouth, "Zoei? I don't want that albino bitch to come!" Letting out a laugh, she wipes away some crumb's on a napkin. "I'm kidding, I love her. But sure, I'll call them up. I'll let you know what they say. Bye." 

"Bye." Setting the phone back down next to him, he grab's the soda and set's it in his lap. Yanking the Takis bag into his arm's he begins to slowly eat them one by one. 


Thursday evening June 4, 5:40 p.m. Ari's living room



Ari's phone begin's ringing, startling him he tosses the bag of Munchies to the side barely spilling any on the couch. Picking up the phone he set's it by his ear, "Hello?" 

"Ari, they said they would come! What time are you picking us up?" Helicia ask's in between breaths as she run's on a treadmill. 

Looking at the phone, he scrunches up his face from the grunt's and heavy breathing from Helicia, "That's good, I'll pick you guy's up around say..6?" 

"Sound good! Im gonna go! Bye!" She quickly hang's up the phone before he can reply. Putting the phone back down to his side. Ari scoop's up the spilled Munchies from the couch. He slowly get's up and walks to the kitchen, pulling out the trash can from under the sink he tosses the empty bag of Takis into it and spilled Munchies. 

Putting both hand's on the sink he let's out a sigh as he softly whisper's to himself, "Goodnight Ari."




Sooo, what did you guy's think? Was it boring? Interesting? In between? You must tell me! I won't publish the next chapter till I get something. c: Deal? Anyways, I didn't think I'd actually update this story so soon! xD I really hope you liked it though!! <3

Goodnight readers, sweet dreams. 

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