The two friends

Harry was my best friend. We would always stay up all night talking about things we had in common. We had eachother's number. I was there for him and he was there for me. We were so close that peolpe had started calling us boy friend and girl friend. to me, I was kinda glad. Because i thought of him as my boyfriend. But i just kept that thought to myself. Ever since he left for the X factor. my life has felt completeyly hopless. Will Natalie Jackson ever find him? If she does,will there friend ship still last?


2. Realizing

~Natalie's pov I been thinking about Harry a lot. Ever since the flashback. I really miss him. I try ti listen to my Ipod. BUT DAMMIT! i need Harry. i start to listen to the music. "Do you rememeber the time" by michael jackson "Do you rememeber the time,when we fell in love. Do you rememeber the time,When we first Girll." i immeditetly turn it off. "I think i need to take a walk and calm myself." i walked pass the place we played. the broken playground we played at. then, where we had our first kiss. I got an idea. i know what im gonna do today! im going to call him up! *Beep Beep Beep* "Hey you've reached Harold. uh i cant be at the phone rigght now. i am currently on tour." Harry was famous. Sorry for extra short chapter.
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