The New Girl Vibe

Emily moved from California to Florida with her parents and her older brother. They moved to be closer to her brother who was attending college in Florida, but also to get used to a new lifestyle. Emily thought it would be more peaceful than California, because to be honest California has a lot of stuck up sluts. Whatever she thought was quickly proven wrong.

Blake is your typical hot ass quarterback. He may seem like a normal quarterback to you, but apparently history follows you everywhere. Blake is a cocky, arrogant football players. Let's be honest what football player isn't cocky? His mom died of cancer when he was 5 years old, his dad doesn't seem to be around anymore. Blake may be rich but wouldn't you want to have a parent to talk to?

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1. Moving to Florida?!

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Now to the first chapter.......................

The New Girl Vibe

Chapter One

Emily's POV

"Mom are you sure you wanna do this?" I asked her raising an eyebrow. She nodded and gave me a reassuring smile while I rolled my eyes. I couldn't believe we we're moving just because my brother decided to go to college in Florida. What's wrong with California? I sighed packing my boxes and bringing them downstairs.

By the time I was finished, my brother, Andrew, was done with his packing. I gave him a sad smile since I won't be seeing him around as much since he's going off to college and live in dorms. He saw my expression and pulled me into a hug.

"It's okay, I will visit," my brother said wiping off a tear that I didn't know came out. I nodded and wiped my face before looking at him straight in the eye.

"Wanna go racing since it's our last night together?" I asked with a smirk. My parents were out tonight to have a dinner with their coworkers while we packed. The thing is no one knows except my brother, I would go street racing with him. He's well known for street racing, but I go by a different name to street race.

"That's what's up," he said giving me a high five. We went to our rooms and I still had my leather jacket, short shorts that weren't too short, and a white off the shoulder top. I quickly put it on while slipping on my Jordans. I put my hair into a rockstar ponytail, I would call it. I went to put on my eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick to hide my face a bit.

"Ready?" he asked when I entered the living room. I nodded and gave him a smile.

We went to our garage to retrieve his car, and we drove off to the area we put our race cars. Of course my parents know we own race cars, but we had no room in the garage so they rented a garage place for us. I quickly got out of the car and got into my blue car. 

"Race you to the street," my brother said winking at me before cheating by driving ahead. I smirked and pushed my foot on the gas before racing behind him. I switched auto to manual and before I knew it I was ahead of him. I can practically imagine him scowling at me. I saw the lights and the crowd of cars so I slowed down to park at my usual spot. 

"Look at that everybody Emily and her brother is here," the announcer said into the microphone. People cheered and I gave them a big smile. 

I saw my brother tell the announcer something. Announcer look pretty sad and happy at the same time. "Looks like its their last race," the announcer said slowly. "I am happy for them to go to Florida to race new people and show off their cars."

I blew a kiss to him playfully yelling a thank you. He winked at me and I laughed while my brother slapped his arm. He grabbed the microphone, "Who wants to do a three way race with my sister and me?" he asked with his signature smirk. 

"I will," one unfamiliar voice shouted. I looked at who spoked up and I could tell he wasn't from around here. I took a quick glance over him and his look was screaming new bad boy. 

"You guys know the rules, race hard or go home," the announcer said to us. One of the sluts in their tight outfits went to the front to start us off. 

"On your mark," she said putting her hand at the hem of shirt. "Get set," she said raising it a little. "GO!" she said taking off her shirt. I took off rolling my eyes at her slutty moves. I was behind the two boys and I saw the new guy in front. I hit my boost and went in front of Andrew then the guy. Soon enough Andrew went in front of the new guy too. We both raced head to head seeing the finish line. 

"The winner is...." the announcer shouted into the microphone. "EMILY!"

I came to a stop in front of the group of people getting out of my car with a big smile. I threw my hands in the air and blew kisses to everyone. I saw the new guy come in second while Andrew came in third. 

"Oh shit!" one of the girls said. 

"Cops!" the announcer yelled. 

Everyone ran for their cars and I quickly got in mine before speeding back to the garage. I called Andrew using my car installed calling system. I quickly added Valerie to the call along with Trevor. 

"Meet at the back of the garage," Andy said more like shouted since we were speeding through the streets trying to lose the cops. 

"You know it," Valerie said. 

"The usual," Trevor replied. 

"I'm going to Walmart," I said randomly I bet you they had the wtf face on them. "I'm joking I just wanted to say something random," I replied with a light laugh. 

"Idiot," I heard Trevor say. 

"Hey rude!" I said bringing my car into the garage. 

"You love it babe," he replied. I hung up and headed inside our lounge. Soon Andrew came, then Valerie and Trevor. 

"Don't call my sister babe Trevor," my brother warned. Trevor shrugged him off and went to the built in bar. I laughed while Valerie turned on the tv. 

"Word on the street is your moving," Valerie said quietly. 

"It's true" I said softly. 

"We will miss you," Andrew replied giving her a sad smile. She gave us a smile. 

"What about the garage? What about the crew? What about racing?" she asked. Trevor gave me a hug and Andre gave Valerie a hug. I sighed. I knew Valerie would be sad since she lived in the garage. 

"You still have Trevor and the rest of the crew, the garage will always be here, we will visit, you guys can keep racing. Andrew and I will find somewhere to race in Florida," I said trying to comfort her. 

"Don't forget about us," she said with a small smile. I gave her a grin. 

"Never," I said hugging her and we laughed it off. 

"Let's throw a party! Its your last night," Trevor said thoughtfully. I rolled my eyes at how typical he was being. Valerie nodded in agreement. Andrew was on the phone sending a max tweet on twitter about the party. 

"Better be some hot chicks," Trevor said smirking and rubbing his hands together. Valerie hit his shoulder in disgust. I swear they are like a married couple...who has benefits with others.

"You are such a pig!" she complained. He shrugged and winked at her. I laughed when her face turned as red as an apple. Poor girl.

"We are gonna get laid tonight!" my lovely brother declared. I rolled my eyes along with Valerie who was on the urge to hit him too. I shook my head and let out a laugh. Im gonna miss Trevor and Valerie so much also my brother since I wont be seeing him in Florida while he's in college. One day just maybe one day he will find a girl to set him straight.

"Valerie let's go to the pool," I said pulling her along not bothering for her to answer. It was still summer vacation and we haven't gone back to school yet, but we are moving to Florida two weeks before school starts, so my idiotic brother can get settled in before college starts.

"Before you guys leave tomorrow, I need to tell you something very important, but you cannot tell anyone," Valerie said looking hestiant. I looked at her confused and saw her hand on her stomach. I gasped. "Emily, Trevor got me pregnant the night of your brother's 19th birthday party."

"," I said covering my mouth in disbelief. "You gotta be joking."

"The thing is I don't know how to tell him because when he woked up beside me, he didn't know we had sex," Valerie said with a shed of tear coming out of her eyes. I rubbed her shoulders in comfort and gave her a hug.

"You need to tell him," I said holding her shoulders and looking at her straight in the eyes.

"I know, but I want to tell him when you are still here, so can you come to the garage tomorrow morning with Andrew?" she pleaded. I nodded and gave her a reassuring smile. 

Tomorrow is gonna be one interesting day.



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There will be some surprises throughout the story. c:

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