Vampire hunters

What happens when one of the hunters fall for the hunted


1. hunters 101

Hi my name is Laura I decided I would write a diary like a ordinary 17 year old teenage girl but I'm not like a ordinary girl I'm actually much different . I'm a hunter like my mother and father and their mother and father before it's in my blood and my brothers Leon . My mum and dad are dead now we'll to be exact for 4 years 4 months and 17 days ,so I have a problem with numbers the elders think it's how I cope . The elders are the eldest hunters out of our group of nine they decide what goes on and what we can't or can do ,there is 2 girls including me and 4 boys and 3 elders . We live in a old house with a big training room , that's my favorite room . I have to go to school now so I'll write again later . Nearly forgot we hunt vampires .

From Laura

-------------------------------------------------------- hey this is my first story hope you like it please comment and like if I get enough I will do the next chapter and please comment any improvements or anything you think will make it better hope you enjoy it maisie

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