Children During the American Revolution

Sybil Ludington is a 16 year old girl living during the Amercan Revolution. One night she volunteers to ride to gather her father's militia.


1. I Won The Essay Contest!

This is my entry for an ESSAY contest, so no it is not a full length story and I will not be updating it is merely for your own enjoyment. Hope you like it! 



My name is Sybil Ludington. I am the daughter of Colonel Henry Ludington
and Abigail Ludington. I'm the oldest, at sixteen years, of twelve
children. I am living during a war. The British are trying to take over the
colonies, but the patriots don't want to be controlled by the British king.

One day, the British land in Fairfield, Connecticut with twenty transports
and six warships. They traveled to Weston and then to Danbury. The British
began to burn the town. A messenger arrived at our house around 9:00 pm on
the night of April 26th, 1777, to tell us the news of Danbury. I was
enraged that the British were burning our country.

My father was the commander of the 400 men strong militia, but his troops
were scattered to their homes across the county. The messenger was tired
and didn't know the country, but I did. I was mad at the British and I
wanted to help America. I volunteered to ride to gather the troops.

My mother begged me not to go. She knew I was a good rider, yet she was
afraid of me being captured or killed. I reassured her I would be fine,
then I went into the stormy night to get my horse, Star.

   I saddled her with my brother’s saddle and a simple hempen halter with
reins. She was anxious and pranced nervously. I was nervous and fearful,
and I could tell Star was picking up on my feelings. I scooped a long stick
off the ground and then vaulted onto Star. I kicked her and she shot off
into the night.

I clung on for dear life and prayed to God to keep me safe. The saddle was
soaked from the rain and slippery. I stopped at the first house and knocked
on the door with the stick. A child opened it and I told them to tell their
father to gather at my father’s house by dawn.

   I spun Star around and departed. Over and over I knocked on doors.
Sometimes women or children would answer or the men themselves. After a few
miles, Star began to tire. I slowed her for a few minutes and then went
back to a gallop.

When I reached Carmel, they rang a bell to announce my arrival and one man
offered to accompany me the rest of my journey. I declined because I didn’t
need someone to slow me down and he could sound the alarm, so I sent him
eastwards toward Brewster. I rode a few more miles and I prodded an
exhausted Star with the stick when she slowed. I felt bad for her, but I
knew it was for our best.

Then, I was attacked by a highwayman. He tried to pull me off of Star, but
she kicked at him. He pulled out his sword, but I managed to defend myself
with the stick and ride off towards the next house. I headed towards Kents
Cliffs and then to Farmers Mill.

By the time I was past Farmers Mill and on my way home, the sun was just
beginning to lighten the sky. When I arrived home, most of the 400 troops
were assembled at my father’s house.

   I finally slowed Star to a walk and my mother ran out of our house to
hug me. I dismounted, and she quickly gathered me up in her arms. She
pulled me towards the house, but I pulled free and ran toward where Star
was standing quietly, waiting for me to take her to her stall.

I led her to her stall and rubbed her down. I made a bran  mash and fed it
to Star, who gobbled it up quickly. I patted her neck and she nuzzled me.

When I finished in the stable, my father greeted me outside. I told him
about my ride, and he proudly stated that I was very brave, and I had
ridden more than forty miles. I was happy with what I did, but I knew I
would not want to do it again anytime soon. I was proud that I had helped
defend my country from invaders, even though I hadn’t fought them head on.


I won the essay contest that I entered this in and now I have a really nice certificate for it. I was really surprised that I won because I don't think this was my best writing, but I'll will gladly say that I won the essay contest.







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