starting all over again (sequel to you said you loved me you lied an niall horan love story)

hello my lovelys im back well for this story if you havent read you said you loved me you lied my niall horan love story you wont get it but if you have your in the right spot. well anyways after izzy told niall she was pregneat a 2 time with his child he got very excited but on this path them to have someone pops out of know where and begeans trying to take izzy from the boys they boy is ashton irwin. they are on another tour and the boys invited 5sos and of course they have never meet niall and harrys girlfriend but since isabella is pregneat ashton finds many ways for isabella to lose her baby but its hard for him to do it so the boys are playing a game and ashton trips on an "accednet" which cuase a ver pist off niall to go off on ashton but can she stop them from fighting and on the way make ashton do an un forgiveable thing


3. home from hospital visit

                    nialls pov

                         Izzy walked straight in and sat on the couch not saying a word. "love you ok" i asked she nodded sightlyand i hugged her but to be carefull of the three broken ribs she got. "he triped on pourpose and be cause of him we lost the baby" she said crying into my shoulder  "hey love dont worry because we have are two little girls that he cant mess with cuz they have uncles that actally care yeah" i said she nodded and luked walked in "izzy we have someone here who is sorry and wont be trying anything ever again he gets that your married he was just jealouse cuz your sweet im mean heck id date you but your a little to old for me and niall already has you" luke said  and ashton came out "im sorry izzy it just i really do like you and i gusse jealousie took over me and im sorry i made you lose your baby" he said looking down she growled and i felt her body shaken and things statring to lift up. "it ok Ashton but if you do it again i wont hesitate to hurt you so if you think about messing with my two little girls i wont hesitate to put you in a grave" she said with her eyes trunning red. " i understand izzy" he said and walked out and luke smiled at her and hugged her "ill keep my two princesses save for i am batman" luke said running out and izzy giggled.

       "hey guys" daniel said taken a seat next to her. "hi daniel" she said sadliey "all sweets dont worry something way better will come out of this just you wait and see" he said kissing her cheek  and he handed her something "here i understanded you have done something  to make your anger uncontrolable so this is a  necklace that will help you" he said taken out a wolf necklace "is that the spell you accidently said out loud" she nodded "i have looked up how to make it stomp but i cant there is no way" she said saddly i smiled at her "i wont love you anyless just dont eat me" and she laughed "wouldnt dream on it ni" she said getting up "i cant change into my ribs heal though im just as dangerous as i am when im mad" she said getting on the floor and streaching which she whippired and stoped i smiled at her "i love you sweets" i said to her

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