More then this

Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


9. Chapter 9 Tour

We all woke up by the sound of Louis phone,

"Hey, Simon Whats up?" Louis asked

"We leaving for the tour tomorrow, pack up!" Simon said

"Can i call you back later," Louis asked

"Yes, but hurry!" Simon said

Louis walked up to Harry and told him about the tour tomorrow.

"Emma, Can i talk to you for a minute?" Harry asked

"Yes,what is it babe?" I asked

"Im leaving f-," Harry said

"Tour tomorrow, i know cause I'm sorta a directioner." I said

"Oh, Im gonna miss yo-," Harry said

Until Niall came running in,

"Emma, i asked Simon if you could come and he said yes!" Niall shouted

"YAY!!!!" I shouted

I packed my suitcase, We decided to sleep at there house for tonight so we won't be late for the airplane tomorrow. On the way home i fell asleep on Harrys lap and with my legs laying on Liam's lap. When we got to there house, Harry carried me bridal style up to his room and laid me down on his bed. 1 hour later Harry came and wrapped his arms around me and fell asleep.

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