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Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


12. Chapter 12 why does she hate me??

I didn't want to tell Harry because he will freak out. I felt a hand on my shoulder.....It was Niall

"Don't listen to the fans, there just jealous of you and Harry, like how I am," Niall said

"Niall you could've told me you liked me in 6th grade," I said but thats when he walked away. Harry still was holding onto my hand. We entered the hotel, me and Harry share a room, louis and Eleanor is sharing a room, Zayn and Liam and Niall is sharing a room. It was 10:15pm, I decided to go to sleep, I got into my pajamas and fell asleep, I felt Harry wrap his arms around me and fell asleep next to me. In the morning, Harry was getting ready,

"Good morning beautiful!" Harry said

"Good morning Handsome!" I said

"I have to tell you something but its not a big deal its something about the fans," I said

"What is it babe? Whats wrong?" Harry said with a worried look in his eyes

"Its not a big deal yesterday...nevermind its not a big deal," I said

"Tell me babe, Did the fans call you a name? What did they call you?" Harry said

"Harry, Its not a big de-" I said

"Yes it is a big deal, What did they call you, Tell me now!" Harry shouted

"They just called me ugly and told me to get a life!" I shouted in between tears

"Im sorry I yelled at you, I don't want to loose you. I don't want you to het hurt, I love you, Emma,"

"I love you too," I said as I walked over to him to hug him.

Me and Harry went to the lobby and saw the rest of the boys. There was lots of fans out their screaming their names, of all the commotion, I passed out

Harrys POV

As we were walking I saw Emma pass out,

"Louis, call her brother, he said he is in England tell him to meet us at the hospital!" Harry yelled

~At the hospital~

Emma's not waking up, I hope she wakes up soon I miss her already,

~2 hours later~

Emma's POV

I woke up in a hospital, How did I het here? What happened? I saw my brother Nick and Harry and the rest of the boys.

"Harry," I said soft

"Emma you're awake, Are you alright? How do you feel? Do you need anything?" Harry asked

"Harry, calm down, Im fine!" I said

"Ok, Im just worried about you," Harry said

"Nick, What are you doing here? Wait wheres Mathew?" I asked

"Don't worry he is in the cafeteria, I wanted to visit you but then I got a call from a guy named Louis that you passed out to meet you at a hospital," Nick said

"Oh, Harry when can we go?" I asked

"The doctor said when you wake up, lets go check out," Harry said

Nick and Harry helped me up out of bed, everything was dizzy I fell to the ground, Harry decided to hold me bridal style to the car.

We decided to go home and relax, I got to spend time with my brothers, harry and the rest of the boys.

"Harry, Can you get me water please?" I asked

"Anything for you babe!" Harry said as he got up to get a drink

"Im gonna head out, bye guys," Nick said

"Ok bye," I said

Niall came and sat next to me

"I would be a better boyfriend then Harry," Niall whispered and gave me a kiss on a cheek and thats when Harry came in. He threw the glass of water on the ground and stomped over here,

"Niall, Don't you ever lay a hand on her ever again you here me!" Harry yelled

"But Ill be the better boyfriend you'll ever be!" Niall said

"Oh you know what!" Harry said clenched his hands in a fist, OMG He's gonna punch him, I ran up to Harry

"Harry! Stop, your gonna hurt one of you best friends!" I said but it was too late, he punched Niall in the nose I ran over to Niall

"Harry why would you do this!" I yelled as I looked down at Niall face

"Harry go upstairs now Ill talk to you in a little bit," I said

"Ok," Harry said

"Niall, Are you OK?" I asked

"Yea, but everything is dizzy," Niall said

"C'mon, Ill help you up on the couch," I said as I helped him 'Im gonna get a towel to wipe your nose, ok stay here," i said

I went to the bathroom and got a towel I walked out to see him trying to get up,

"No, Niall stay sitting down, let me wipe your nose with a wet towel," I said I had to sit on his lap to clean it up.

"Its all clean up here is ice so put it on your nose," I said

"Thank you, Emma for taking care of me," Niall said

"No problem, Ill be right back," I said as I was walking upstairs. I knocked on the door where Harry was in, I walked in Harry came rushing towards me

"Im so so sorry about what I did!" Harry said 'please forgive me, I love you, Emma," As he leaned in for a kiss but I pulled away

"Harry, you need to learn not to be over protective, He wasn't touching me he was just giving me a kiss on the cheek," I said

"I promise, trust me," Harry said as he leaned in for a kiss but I pulled away again

"First you have to say sorry to Niall," I said

Me and Harry walked downstairs

"Niall, Im sorry mate, I get overprotective sometimes," Harry said

"Its OK," Niall said

"Friends?" Harry said

"Best friends!" Niall said

Harry walked back to me

"Good job!" I whispered in his ear while rubbing his back

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