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Emma has just moved to a new apartment in London, She doesn't know anybody there..Untill a tall greened eye boy with brown curly hair met her and her whole life changed.........


10. Chapter 10: Airport

I woke in the car wondering how i got in the car, then i realized that i was on Harrys lap, He might have carried me. Also how did i get dressed, it was probably Harry.

"Good Morning, beautiful!" Harry said

"Good Morning, How did i get dressed and eat and brush my hair and teeth?" I asked

"I don't think you remember but you woke up and got ready and fell asleep on the couch, I carried you to the car," Harry replied

"Oh, ok," I said

"We're almost at the airport," Harry said

"Ok!" I said

When we arrived at the airport, we got our bags and went to the gate to America. We were rushing to our private jet.

We got on the jet and picked our seat, I sat between Harry and Louis. Half way the plane trip i fell asleep, i was pretty tired. I woke ip to then singing. They were pretty good singers, but when Harrys solo came up in Teenage Dirtbag, I almost melted in my chair.

"I guess your tired, you fell asleep in the car and the plane!" Harry said

"I guess i was," I said

"You look so peaceful and cute when your sleeping," Harry said

I blushed when said that, The plane is landing. I heard Harry singing Don't Let Me Go, I stared softly singing it until someone behind me said i sing really good.

"OMG! You scared me, I almost had a heart attack!" I said

"Sorry, but you sing really good, you should get record deal with Simon," Niall said, "Sing me, Story of my life,"

"Ok," I said before I singing,

Harry came in and starting clapping

"Ill have you meet with Simon today, Is that Ok?" Harry asked

"Thats ok," I replied

Im so excited that I might be getting a record deal with Simon, Thats my dream! We got off the plane, a mob of fans crowding us, the boys tried to give the fans hugs and pictures and autographs. There were two security taking us to the Tour bus. Harry held my hand the whole time so he won't loose me.

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