Bad Boy meets Good Girl !


3. The Morning



*Niall Pov*


I woke up to something hugged me. I shot my eyes open and saw Michelle. She looked so sweet and peaceful. I noticed that she is still asleep on my chest. I look around and saw that Harry and Jana are not here anymore. Someone is staring at me. And I think she is shocked so I think I should talk to her. Damn. She is the first girl that makes me feel nervous. SHUT UP! SHUT UP! NIALL SHUT UP! YOU CAN'T FALL FOR HER. Calm down Niall you can do it. Be the douche you are and stop falling in love with that girl.


'Niall? Are you ok?'

'Yeah I'm ...uhm fine'

'Okay uh.. I have two questions'

'Alright Love'

'First why are you here and why are we cuddle like we are a couple? And stop calling me ''LOVE''

'You fell asleep on my lab and I don't wanted to wake you up so I layed down and you start to cuddle with me. And I am here because you hugged me very tight like right now LOVE. If you ask where Jana and Harry are I don't know'

'Oh .. okay'

'Hey guess what?'


'You look hot when you lay above me' I smirked

'Oh really?'

'Yeah and you would look even hotter without these clothes'

'Hmm I don't think that you would ever see me without my Clothes'

'Thats what you think'

I looked in her eyes and she looked in my. She bite her lip and I looked at her lip and than again in her eyes.

'Niall what are you doing?'

'Close you eyes and open them when I say it OK?' I whispered in her ear.


'Just do it'

She closed her eyes and I leand over to her and Kissed her. After 3 seconds she kissed me back. And we both closed our eyes. But then she broke the kiss.

'Niall...why oh uhm did you do that?'

'I just wanted to see if you would kiss me back and taadaaa you did' I smiled

'Well... GO AWAY YOU PRICK' She yelled

'I Can't' I smirked

'What why?'

'Because my love you are above me' I winked


And with that she walked into the kitchen and grab some water. I walked over to her grab her waist and put her to the kitchen counter. She looked confused because I did that.

'If you talk to me like that again your punishment is getting worse' I said with gritted teeth

'Why I mean I am NOT YOURS'

'Oh yes you are MINE princess'

'But I have a Boyfriend'

'Oh really what is his name?'

'Uhhm ..his name is Drake?' To my luck she lied because it saunded like a question maybe I can tease her a little bit. I smirked even bigger.

'Oi really well I have one question'


'Can Drake make you feel like this?'


*Michelle Pov*


'Oi really well I have one question'


'Can Drake make you feel like this?'

He asked. But I don't know what he mean. And then BOOOOM. He kissed me again but it wasn't that normal stuff that he always does. This was a real kiss. I feel it again Fireworks and these Butterflies in my stomach. I hate this feeling but this kiss is I can't even discribe it. It's wonderful. Be both smiled into the kiss and then he broke the kiss.

'Does he?'

'NO BU-'

'No buts LOVE be ready at 8 i pick you up and wear something sexy' He winked at me



'What should I say to Drake?'

'We both know that you don't have a Boyfriend' He smirked at me and with that he leaves.

Dang it after 4 hours it was 6 o'clock oh my god I need to get ready but I Don't know what to wear.


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