Bad Boy meets Good Girl !


2. Jana



*Michelle Pov


I woke up and headed to the bathroom brush my teeth and had a shower like usually.Then I walked in the kitchen and do my breakfast. I'm starving. After I had breakfast I headed to school. I don't know why but I have a feeling that someone is following me. I turned around and there was a black Range Rover. The car stood beside me and someone opened the door to my surprise it was Niall. Oh really I don't even like him. I went to the car and asked him 'What do you want?'

'Hey Princess need a drive to school?'

'No I'd rather walk to school than drive with you'

'What? Why? Are you afraid?'

'Because I don't like you and yes a little bit!'

'Whoa you don't like me? Then why you kissed my yesterday?'

'Wait ... you kissed my and I kissed you back because I was shocked'

'Oh really ... If you say that Darlin' - He said with a smirk

'Yes' And than I ran as fast as I can to school. I bumped into someone.

'Oh damn I'm soooo sorry' I said

'oh no I'm sorry ...  Hey you are the new girl right?'

'Uhm yes .. Hi I am Michelle and you?

'I'm Jana Summers'

'Soo Jana... which students should I avoid?

'You see the girls in Pink over there?'

'Uuhm ... Yeah?'

'Well they are the queen Bees ... and that girl in the middle is Tina Thompson she is the meanest'

'Oh well I see they look like little cows' I said chuckling

'Yess I hate them .. oh and there is a group of boys behind you I call them 'The Five'  everyone is afraid of them. The one with the curly hair is Harry Styles oh and I have a little crush on him, the one with the Black quif is Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson is on his right side and Liam Payne on his left side and then there is Niall Horan the one with the Blue eyes. I know they are really hot but they are really dangerous'

'Crap' I said really loud

'What?' She asked

'Niall Horan kissed me yesterday' I said embarrassed


'Yes I know ... thats what I though too'

'I think we should run away'

'What? Why?'

'Queen Bee!'

After that we both run away to Art class I'm happy that we have every lesson together. But Niall looks at me the whole time. Yeah I know it's really scary. I tried to ignore him but it's really hard because we have every classes every together.

Jana asked me if i want to sit at lunch with her and I said yes. I told her that I met her at my locker after Math class. I really like her. She has really long Brown/Blonde hair and her eyes are Green/Blue. I saw her at my locker and waved. Be both headed to the Cafeteria and sit down she she introduced me to her friends. I like them they are really nice. Eleanor is very pretty and so is Perrie.

After school I wanted to go home. I went out of school and there he was the one and only Niall Horan. He's staring at me with a grin on his face. I rolled my eyes and then my Phone vibrate. A message from Niall. I looked at him and I thought should I go to him or shouldn't. I decide to walk to him. And then his smirk grew bigger and bigger.

'Wh-What d-do you want?' I asked in fear

'Go on a date with me'

'N-No I'm busy'

'Really? I mean I am Niall Horan every Girl wants to go on a date with me'

'YES! Jana is coming over to my Flat' I lied

'LIAR!' He said

'Hey I am not a Liar'

'Oh yes you are ... do you live on your own?'

'No but my Mom is for two Months in America so I'm alone at Home for two Months or longer'

'Really?' He said very interesting

'Yeah ... why do you ask?'

'Go in the car. I'll drive you Home ... and don't you dare to say no.' He said with gritted teeth

'What do you do if I say No?'

'You know I'm towns Bad Ass I can do what I want'

'Hmmm bye Niall I think I walk home'

'Don't you dare to turn around'

I turned around and walked away from him but he grabbed my wrist and he grabbed me bridal style and sat me down in the passenger's seat in his car. 'NIAAAALL STOP IT' I yelled.

After that he sat in the Drivers seat and asked my where I live. I told him where I live and then he parked in front of my Door. He walked out of the Car and opened the Door for me. What a Gentelman wait no he's not a Gentelman.

'Thanks Mr.Horan'

'Youre Welcome Ms.Parker'

'See yaa'

'Wait .. so you go on a Date with me'

'No with 'See yaa' I mean see yaa in school'

'You are a liar Michelle'

'Ok If Jana isn't here in One hour I go on a Date with you'


'See you later'

'In one hour ... Bye Michelle' He winked at me

'Bye Horan' And with that I closed the door and caled Jana


M:  Jana you have to come to me immediately

J: Why? What happened?

M: Niall wants to go on a date with me and I told him that I'm busy because you would come over.

J: Oh ok I'm there in 10 minuts. See you bye.

M: Thaaaaank yooou Janaa bye.


*10 minuts later*

There was an Knock on the door and I opened it and Jana came in.

'Thanks for coming over Jana.'

'No problem I like you'

'Awee I like you too. You are the only person I trust.'

'Really? I trust you too ... so what are we doing today?'

'YES! How about watching Movies. You can sleep here if you want'

'Uhhm sure why not'

'Soo Niall is here in 10 minuts because he didn't belive me that you would came over' I laughed

'Oh okay I think you have a crush on him' She chuckled


There was a Knock on the door and I knew it was Niall so I opened the Door and .... I was right.

'Heey Princess ready for our Date?'

'Niall I told you that Jana would come over'

'And where is she?' He asked annoyed

'In the Kitchen'

He walked in and saw her in the Kitchen he turned around to me and said: Heey I have a idea I call Harry and we three can watch together Movies' He smirked

After that sentence Jana spit out her drink and said: 'Whaaaaaaat'

Niall and Me laughed so hard that our stomach hurt.

Niall called Harry and and Harry said yes to the Movie night. After 30 minuts Harry was here and Jana started to behave weird.

'Jana can we talk in the Kitchen?' I asked her

'Uhm yes'

'Whats wrong with you, you act weird' I said chuckling

'You know I have a crush on Harry' She whispered

'Ohhh yeah I forgot it. Be yourself thats the best you can do right know'

'Yeah I know'

And then we headed back to the living room.


*Niall Pov

Michelle went with Jana in the Kitchen but I don't know why. I sat there with Harry and he said something weird.


'Yeah Buddy?'

'You like Her or?'

'Wh-What do you mean?' I asked shocked

'You know what I mean' He laughed

'Yeah I think it's a little crush'

'I knew it' He yelled

'Knew what?' Michelle asked

'Uhhm Nothing' I said

'Oh ok?.... So how about a Horror Movie?' Michelle asked

'Sure' We all nodded

I don't know what it is but I think I am falling for this Girl. Her eyes are Green/Brown and she hast light brown hair. She is Beautiful. Ahhh shut up Niall you are a Bad Boy you can't have feelings for the Good girl. I was deep in my thoughts but then I heard someone say my name.

'Niall, Niall? Are you okay?' Michelle asked worried

'Yeah I'm fine'

We watch the Movie Evil Dead and I saw that Michelle was a little bit scared I whispered in her ear 'Wanna cuddle with me Princess?'

'Y-Yes but it's only because I'm scared' She whispered back

After that she fell asleep on my lap and I stroke her hair behind her ear.

It was Midnight and the girls were both asleep. So Harry and Me decided to stay the night at her flat. Michelle was still on my lap. So I laid down and I laid her Head on my chest. And then she cuddled with me. I fell asleep with a smile on my Face. Harry has done the same with Jana he told me on the Phone that he has a crush on her. I Know it's crazy. I am so Happy that we have Weekend. And I hope that I be earlier awake than her. I want to see her Face when she sees me because she fell asleep on top of me with her head on my chest.



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