A girl which has always been alone meets a boy that changes her life she finally feels as though someone loves her and cares about her. But is he really as good as she thinks...?


1. Trust


I used to feel so alone in the city. Surrounded by millions of human beings, all like myself.  Yet here I am, all alone. How would I meet a new person? How do I get close to them? I was stumped by this for many years. Eventually, I realized that all you have to do is go up to them and say “Hello,”. You won’t lose anything: They may ignore you... Or they  might end up falling in love with you, getting married and living happily ever after. A Disney fairytale, transformed into reality.  This is my tale. 

It was the 16th of October, I remember this day like it happened yesterday. I was walking down a busy street in London it was windy, cold and rainy. It seemed like it was another tedious day of my life. However, there was something different in the air – a freshness, a hope that you could almost touch. I was feeling extremely cold, so I decided to walk into Starbucks and buy a cup tea to warm myself up. As always, there was a lengthy queue. I felt like everyone was looking at me for some reason, probably thinking something atrocious about me. I hated this feeling. 
“Finally,” I thought to myself, “it was my turn.” 
I bought the tea and went to sit down. I started drinking it whilst scrolling through my phone. 
From the corner of my eyes, I noticed five boys sitting in front of me, talking and laughing noisily.
“Are they laughing at me?” I thought to myself. My usual paranoia running my overactive mind.  From a young child, I was so self-conscious about myself and lacked the exuberant confidence of my friends.  I looked up, slowly, to see them and noticed they had looked away.  That was nothing new to me. No one ever paid any attention to me, apart from one boy, who was different to the others. He wasn’t laughing like them, he was just sitting there and seemed troubled and upset. I couldn’t see him clearly as all his friends were in the way so I just stared back into my phone, not wanting to make a fuss.

After couple of minutes, I felt a strange feeling, so I looked up a little and noticed that the boy who had previously been looking upset was looking at me. I felt so disorientated, so I quickly looked back into my phone. 
“Why is he looking at me?” I thought to myself. I felt so lost. Within a second, I decided to look up at him again and looked straight into his eyes. He noticed me and smiled: The most beautiful smile that I have ever seen in my life… I smiled back at him and quickly looked away. 

Then, he came up.

“Hello,” he said 

Confused, I looked at him.
 “Hello,” I said with a shy nervousness. 

“I just wanted to say that you’re beautiful. Do you think I could have your number?”

 I couldn’t believe what he just said. Was this some sort of silly joke? But I gave him my number and then he left. Two hours later, I received a message saying:

 “Can we meet at five on Oxford Street in Starbucks?” I felt so excited but nervous at the same time. “He might be the one,” I thought to myself.

It was ten past five and he still wasn’t here.  I began to feel  frustrated -  but suddenly he came in. My heart started beating like crazy.   I was not used to such feelings.  They were new to me.

“I’m Jake. Nice to meet you.”

“I-I-I’m Nadeen!” I couldn’t speak.  My voice, overwhelmed with anxiety.. 

“I know it’s all so quick but when I first saw you I really thought that you were the one and I thought that we really had to talk or I might never see you again” 

I was so amazed because I could already see that he was my type of guy.

Three hours later and we were still talking. We had so many subjects, we were so like each other… We didn’t stop talking for even a second and I’d learnt so much about him. 

After two weeks of constantly meeting each other, every day, we decided to be together. I felt so contented. For the first time in my life, I started smiling and laughing. I felt like nothing could get any better.

 I might have been wrong though…

It was a sunny Friday morning. I went to the shop to buy some food and make dinner for me and Jake whilst he was at work. After I left the shop, I saw a guy looking exactly like Jake standing in the alleyway with some girl. Was this Jake? “No it can’t be” I thought, “because Jake is at work!” I decided to slowly walk up to the couple just to make sure it was not him. Once I was close enough to see the guy’s face, I noticed it was Jake. My eyes were full of tears within a second. I felt dizzy and so disorientated I had no idea what to do. I came up to him slapped his face and said, “How could you? I trusted you!!!” without even thinking, I ran away with tears running down my face. 

Suddenly. He ran into the house.

“Nadeen! It’s not what you think it is.”

“Go away please! I know what I saw.”

He started explaining, saying that the girl I saw him with was his cousin. I knew he was lying though: Another excuse. The girl came into our house. “How does she even dare to come in here, what is even going on?!” I thought to myself. I decided to let them both explain everything. After about twenty minutes once they explained everything, I understood that what I saw was an understatement. I felt so relieved and my heart started beating as normal again. I apologized to Jake, and we sorted everything out.

“Trust me next time, because I would never hurt you. You are my everything and you always will be. You will never be alone again like you was before we met...” he said. 

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