razor sharp

when Zoe finds herself dating the famous Harry styles , life seems perfect . Then the boys split up and Harry starts drinking ...things slowly deteriorate to a point where Zoe has a choice between Harry or death , but what will she choose and will things be okay ?


1. "You can fall in love at the drop of a hat "

 We all watched intently as the girl scurried around grabbing her valuables from the floor . Paul wouldn't let us go help her , too dangerous he said , fuck dangerous - she was gorgeous . i pushed right past him , i didnt give a fuck if i got mobbed she needed help ; Niall realized what i was doing and so he jumped on Paul and with that so did Liam and Zayn , Louis was busy calling Eleanor they had been fighting a lot recently , mostly about petty little things ... 

 I was so clumsy - in the middle of Manchester and i drop the contents of my handbag and all my course work . I was screwed but then to make matters worse i was late for my interview !

She looked so upset , and at first i was worried whether it would insult her when i offered help ... but i did anyway .

" Excuse me , would you like some help ? I mean , erm , if you want it that is , if not ... then ... i can always ... uh , Hi . I'm Harry . " the guy loomed above me and grinned down stupidly , I thought i recognized him ,  but i cant have .

Great . fucking . Great . i managed to mess up - i stuttered and cracked an appalling joke  , to break the ice you know ?  she laughed even though it was silly . i bent down and began to snatch her papers up from the floor , she looked at me . What beautiful eyes , burning green while drowned in sea blue , with hazel flicked throughout . 

He was good looking , and he had a sense of humour too , even if it was cheesy ! he introduced himself as harry  , i was shocked when he added 'styles' . when i was younger they had been my favorite band .. it had been ages ... i still remembered all the songs and twitcams , and pictures .


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