The Final Horcrux

The Battle of Hogwarts is over, Voldmort is gone … or is he? As Harry, Ron and Hermione go to complete their seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry's scar begins to pain again. They missed an unknown Horcrux, one Albus Dumbledore didn't take into account. Voldemort is building up power every second, and the trio go on the biggest and most dangerous journey yet to discover the final Horcrux. In addition to this, on their travels, they meet another tree people searching for the same thing. One of the girls has red hair and hazel eyes, she is Lucy Lily Evans, Harry's twin. The six team up alone to face a battle that will go down in history against magics worst enemy. Will they succeed?
Both the Muggle and the wizarding world hang in the balance, only the known is safe, and only the known is tolerable. The fate of magic is in their hands.
(C) Copyright



 "Right now, have we got everyone? Okay, in we go."

 Molly was frantically counting heads as Arthur heaved the luggage into the boot of the taxi. They arrived at Kings' Cross train station by five minutes to ten o'clock, miraculously managing to avoid getting sucked into the vast sea of people. Inside the station it was even more impossibly crowded, children and adults alike were hastening through the station rapidly. The six  succeeded in squeezing through the crowd and reaching the barrier between platforms nine and ten. As though being told to, the small array of passers-by departed to make a gap for the foursome to run at.

 First was Ginny, who accelerated and vanished just as she was about to hit the wall. Next Molly invited Hermione to go, who darted at the cement and disappeared last minute. Harry made a run for the wall, and just as he expected the crash to come, his feet hit cement and he opened his eyes to a glistening crimson steam train reading HOGWARTS EXPRESS at the hood. His insides felt pleasantly warm as he realized he truly was going to Hogwarts again. A few seconds later Ron appeared behind him.

 "You alright, Harry?" he asked with a grin, throwing his arm around Harry, friendly. Harry nodded, not taking his eyes off the glorious, tremendous train before him. It was two minutes to ten o'clock so the four of them mounted the train skillfully, having been well rehearsed, and found a compartment with only two other people in their.

An absentminded girl with murky blonde hair and silvery grey eyes was sitting reading the Quibbler Magazine, and her eyes darted up onto Harry's face as they entered. She looked mentally scarred, having experience the battle of Hogwarts, and brightly blissful at the same time.

 A boy with a round face and distant eyes, who also looked mentally scarred. He continued to stare out of the misty window when the four entered, as though entranced by the unclear glass. They were Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom. 

 They seated themselves delicately. Harry sat opposite Neville and Ron sat opposite Luna, who's eyes flickered to Ron's face intently.

 "Hello," she said dreamily, now looking at no-one in particular. Neville muttered a greeting which wasn't understandable. There was a few minutes of silence, until the noiselessness was interrupted by the squeaky compartment door sliding open to reveal a pretty, freckle-faced girl with flowing red, shoulder length, perfectly curled hair and autumn-like, hazel eyes that shone with inspiration. She seemed oddly familiar to Harry.

 "Do you mind?" she puzzled anxiously, indicating toward the empty space by Neville. They all shook their heads boredly, although inside Harry felt like he was going to burst. She skipped to the space and bounced into the cushion, her bright eyes swimming. Harry couldn't help staring intently at her, intrigued by how familiar she looked. Ginny seemed to be agitated about Harry's interest in this newcomer, her eyes flickering from both of their faces, scowling. Harry attempted to place his finger on where she had seen her before, but he found it unmanageable. After a few minutes of awkward quietness, the girl introduced herself.

 "I'm Lucy Evans," she introduced bravely. "I'm in my seventh year but I have been going to Beauxbatons in France for my first few years. I-" She stopped mid sentence and looked at the floor confusedly, as though questioning why she was telling them this. 

 Lucy Evans. Proverbial  name, Harry thought.

 Lucy had an intake of breathe, then pointed out the window, jumping up and down in a silent scream. They had arrived at Hogwarts at last.

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