The Final Horcrux

The Battle of Hogwarts is over, Voldmort is gone … or is he? As Harry, Ron and Hermione go to complete their seventh year at Hogwarts, Harry's scar begins to pain again. They missed an unknown Horcrux, one Albus Dumbledore didn't take into account. Voldemort is building up power every second, and the trio go on the biggest and most dangerous journey yet to discover the final Horcrux. In addition to this, on their travels, they meet another tree people searching for the same thing. One of the girls has red hair and hazel eyes, she is Lucy Lily Evans, Harry's twin. The six team up alone to face a battle that will go down in history against magics worst enemy. Will they succeed?
Both the Muggle and the wizarding world hang in the balance, only the known is safe, and only the known is tolerable. The fate of magic is in their hands.
(C) Copyright



 Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny entered the Come and Go Room, the Room of Requirement, to find a room of weapons. Just what the needed, the kill was to be held here. The four seated themselves in the corner on the vast sofa, Ginny's hand in Harry's and Hermione's head resting on Ron's muscular shoulder. That was when she entered. 

 She looked like Lucy, but had a stiff, motionless face, unblinking, stony eyes and her red hair has unusually pinned up tightly. She looked cool in an I'm-about-to-kill-you sort of way. Her entire being was as still as a statue. Hermione's head snapped up and Ginny tightened her already circulation-cutting grip on Harry's sweaty hand. Harry made to stand up but struggled with Ginny's obstinate grasp on his hand. He nodded solemnly, and she reluctantly released it, staying on the edge of her seat if he was in need of back up, but Harry shook his head. She didn't move an inch.

 "Look, you're not saving me again," he commanded, ignoring her puzzled look. "How would you feel if it were me dying for you?" She slouched, defeated. Harry pecked her on the forehead and approached Lucy nobly.

 Lucy didn't chat. She lunged directly for his throat with the sword, which was glinting like a ruby. Harry drew his sword last minute and gashed her leg competently. She stumbled backwards, her eyes piercing him like daggers of rage. She leaped repetitively for his exposed neck, failing constantly. Harry grew tired of her useless attempts and decided to get it over with.

 Goodbye, Lucy. I love you, he thought, and he sliced her head off.

 He stared pensively into her unseeing eyes, which had turned hazel again, and noticed a grey vapor rising from within her body, materializing into a snake nosed, pale faced demon before them.

 It was Lord Voldemort.

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