Julia is dating Justin Bieber and they are not the best at relationships. Justin can be abusive and cruel to Julia but some days he can be so sweet and kind. Julia and Justin don't know what's coming they're way that could change they're lives and relationship forever.


1. I'm tired of trying

||Julia p.o.v.||

I have been tired of Justin constantly telling me to stay. Leaving wasn't really an option for me because he'd threaten me, I was a tough girl but I couldn't do much to him. I really loved him but his anger was a problem he'd always yell and scream at me. Then one day he slammed me against the wall but deeply inside I know he could be sweet and kind but he prefers to mean and tough. I honestly like his bad side because he's protective of me. I walked out the bathroom and into the Living room and then I saw him.

||Justin Bieber p.o.v.||

I looked at her and smiled "what's wrong?" I asked her. "Never seen a real man before?" I slide on my black jeans and didn't bother to put on my shirt. I worked out everyday so I had abs, muscles, and what the ladies are crazy about a deep V. Julia replied with "nothing is wrong geez." and then stormed off. Before she could go anywhere I grabbed her arm and pulled her back making her look at me.

||Julia p.o.v.||

"Stop it!" I yelled trying to yank my arm away from him. He gripped me harder and then tears started to run down my cheeks he said in a calm voice "Love please don't ever walk away from me when I'm talking to you do you understand?!" I whimpered "yesss I understand please let go!" He let go of my arm and walked away from me, I collapsed to the ground sobbing into my hands. I hugged my knees and couldn't stop crying I was just tired if trying to hold on to this relationship.

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