Rhea a normal girl loved to skate more than anything. But her small village and vile ex boyfriend hold her back until she's blown away by Kane and everything starts to change will she be loved and live her dream with drastic pasts and frantic events.


2. Wow, just wow!


Wow, just wow! She is so beautiful. Her voice so clear and crisp, her sweet smell lingered around the air I breathe I drifted out of reality.

Oh who am I kidding! She'll never like me. I'm just... Well... I'm me. I have no chance with someone so... Like her.

"She is so-"


"Perfect, I've not looked at a guy the same way since Ricky" Maria stood there with an evil smile which didn't last long, "sounds cute, is he going to stick around long?" She almost seemed angry that I met someone which I didn't understand.

Me and Maria are best friends, but we haven't be the same since Ricky. Ricky was my long term boyfriend but it turned into a horrible relationship, he was so sweet I've known him since I was old enough to talk but something in him changed and he become aggressive and violent he would push me and on rare occasions burn me with cigarette butts on my back leaving me with scars I was too ashamed to show. This was the time when Maria started to drift while getting closer to Ricky, in my heart I know they must of had something going on but then why does Ricky bug me so much about being with him like a slave.

"Il probably never see him again anyway" she could tell I was gutted but I knew what I wanted and a gorgeous man won't stop me.

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