Rhea a normal girl loved to skate more than anything. But her small village and vile ex boyfriend hold her back until she's blown away by Kane and everything starts to change will she be loved and live her dream with drastic pasts and frantic events.


3. Could this be fate?


I'm so distracted with her on my mind. How can I be like this after seeing her once. I want to see her more!

I could go and see if she is working today and have another chance of meeting, would it work?


I tied up my laces tight, sharpening the blades of my worn out skates that my father gave me before his accident. I knew a old abandoned warehouse which would freeze over with a garden hose to make my ice rink. No one knew about it part from myself and my father.

My father died when I was 10, 8years ago and since then everything has gone down hill except my dream. My dream has free stronger while my mother has got weaker. Ever since she has been depressed and reliant of tablets that cost a fortune.


I walked over from the B&B to the restaurant to see if I could see Rhea again but she wasn't there. I was cold and I was disappointed so I went to walk back home but in the corner of my eye I saw her. It struck me. This is my chance.

"Rhea... Hey." I didn't quite know what else to say, I was nervous.

"Hey Kane, what you doing out it's freezing" she smiled and looked genially concerned about my well being. "I was about to ask you the same" I chuckled even though it wasn't funny and she laughed with me.

"Oh, haha. I was out ice-skating, are you going to see the firework display tomorrow evening?" Her eyes looked up from the floor and directly into mine they were the perfect shade of green like summer grass.

"I wasn't planning on it, as I'm only visiting I don't know anybody. Do you want to go with me?" "I'll pick you and and drop you home. Full service" I cheekily added.

"Mm, il think about it, here have my number so I can let you know" she looked nervous as if she's hiding something, but I don't really know her so she's bound to be holding some things back which I want to know.


Did he really just ask me out, this doesn't sound like a good idea, least I gave him my number so if I decide this is a bad idea I can back out.

"Yeah, my number is 01279-" as I carried on saying my number I could feel my heart, it sounded like drums as I continuously tried not to loose my breath, but as always I was a nervous wreck and started stuttering. As I made a further fool of myself Kane grabbed my hand as if he knew me, but it felt like he already did when we near nothing of each other.

I hesitated and he immediately let go, I can't handle being physically touched not since Ricky.

Ricky was at first the most loveliest person I've ever met, I was new and he took me in and introduced me to Maria and all the guys, we were the couple everyone wanted to be. But it didn't stay so sweet after that, he would go out drinking and get rowdy towards me and innocent people in the streets. Then make me try drugs and threaten to hurt me if I did not do as he said. Humiliating me in front of the people it call my friends and they stood their watching! As he pulled up my shirt and burnt me with the butt of his cigarette. I have scars, scars and memories I can never forget. I begin to weep silently and Kane doesn't quite understand. " I'm sorry, I must go.. Il see you soon bye" I began to walk fast as I spoke so he couldn't try pull me back and then I sprinted home and straight to bed where I sat and thought. I feel like such a fool.


I don't under understand? Why is she running from me? Did I upset her?

I followed her home but did not go no further once she entered her house, she really didn't want to see much its clear as day.

The next morning I was too nervous to show my face at the restaurant but I couldn't put it off, I was going to be working there for goodness sake. I'd see her everyday. I'd want to save the embarrassment for a little while longer.


"Do you know where this new guy is at?" Tom shouted from the kitchen. "What new guy?" I was generally clueless of what he was on about, Tom came out the kitchen dusting his hands "he goes by the name Mr. Kemble" my jaw dropped recognising that name

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