Rhea a normal girl loved to skate more than anything. But her small village and vile ex boyfriend hold her back until she's blown away by Kane and everything starts to change will she be loved and live her dream with drastic pasts and frantic events.


1. Remember, Remember! The 5th of November


Remember, remember! The fifth of November, days before fireworks night and they are already going off. I can see the display from my shattered glass window, it's beautiful, No, incredible!

Usually I'd go but taking up two jobs takes up a whole load of time. But at least I'm away from him.

"Nice and early are we?" Tommy Burns grinned at me lighting up the room with his sparkling white teeth "No where else I want to be sir" I said sarcastically Tommy was like a father figure to me and hated more than ever when I called him sir. "Rhea I'm not my father call me Tom" he knows that I know but it kept his spirits up for a 65 year old chef. I love working at his restaurant, they are like family to me and we know all the regulars for Sunday roasts and Saturday evening drinkers.

After hours I go for runs around Green Cross, picking up a sweat for training. Green Cross is a small village so my passion for skating was unrecognised by many but it didn't matter to me. I love it.

The restaurant was pretty empty tonight except one man sitting on his own, he didn't appear to be a regular face to Toms or Sumnersfield. "Good day sir, would you like to order any drinks" his eyes sparkled a pure blue taking my breathe a way, " erm, just a water, thankyou." His English accent was charming but I tried to stay professional "okay, il be a fe-ew minutes" my words trembled and walked away feeling like a complete goon.

Moment later I returned with his drink and took down his order, but as I took his order my stare didn't break and be caught me. "I'm sorry si-" "Call me Kane, Kane Kemble" he interrupted me with his soft calm tone "Kane" I repeated blushing red further and further. I went to walk away until Kane started to speak drawing me back "what's your name, may I ask" he seemed interested, a little too interested for my well being but I liked that he was polite enough to ask. "My name is Rhea, Rhea Standsford" Kane shook my hand and kissed it.

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