Secret Passage

It isn't just an ordinary house..


1. Party

Keeley and Dave pulled up at the house. "I don't like the look of this place" she trembled. Dave put his hand on her shoulder for comfort and smiled.

As they walked through the front door of the house, a man yelled "Please raise your glasses for Lily." It was Mark. Keeleys face scrunched up and she started to bubble in anger.

"We're only here for a night, I'm going to be with you all day and during the night too. There's nothing to worry about." The fury in Keeleys face grow slowly but nothing could solve her anger.

Everyone sat around the table waiting for dinner. Every couple sat opposite from eachother. Lauren and Mark. Dave and Keeley. Beth and Joe. Then Lily sat at the table and introduced correctly why everybody was celebrating.

Constant chatter was growing louder as they was waiting for dinner.

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