Addison has been the school nobody since high school started. It's not her fault being the shadow of her popular identical brother Aiden. Addison doesn't get bullied to her surprise. Addison is smart, beautiful, talented and humble but no one has ever noticed her. Addison spends her days in class doing her work, at lunch eating alone in the library and at home studying. Addison spends her time in her room as her busy parents travel the world because of work and Aidens parties. As loneliness caves the teenager in one of Aidens friends finally notice her. And makes her life happy again. Will she finally open her personality up for the world to see or will the secrets, gossip and pain shoot her down back to her shell?


1. A


Location: High School.

I sit in my desk eagerly waiting for the bell to go. I know I normally don't want to leave school but my family will be a whole tonight! My parents will be returning from their 3 month trip. I miss them so badly. DING! The bell goes as everyone in the room runs out. Weekend time. I get caught in the crowd that's trying to leave the doorway and everyone pushes me out of the way. I fall to the ground covering my head with my arms. Everyone. Even the teacher. Leaves me on the ground. I'm I that unnoticeable? I jump of the floor and brush the dirt of my jeans. I pick my broken glasses up and continue leaving the building.

Location: Home.

The bus arrives in front of my house as I walk of taking my time. I walk to my massive Million dollar house to be greeted from Aiden.

"Hey Addy."

"Hey Aiden."

"How was school?"

"Good. I'm just excited mum and dad are coming back."

The expression on Aidens face changes to a sad look. My heart drops to the floor and bursts everywhere.

"They aren't coming are they?" I ask.


The tears in my eyes fill up the unwanted space and Aiden welcomes me a hug. We just stand their sobbing like babies. It's been too long since mum and dad have been here... I miss them. I wish they quit their jobs we are rich! We don't need more money. Why? We let go and part our separate ways. I you ask? Run into my room and cry more. I miss them so much. Having no parents around is killing me slowly. My loneliness is be fording me. I'm becoming depressed without them. I'm becoming depressed because I have no one.. No one to talk to. No one to hold in my arms. No one. I am alone. Loneliness is my only friend.

Location: My Room.

I've finished studying and I decide to look through my old yearbooks. Year 7 I look the same. Year 8 I look the same. Year 9 same. This year? I look taller in the photo? I don't have that much pimples. Matter to fact I have no pimples this year! Major difference! I flip my pages and land on the S surnames. Harry Styles. Best to become famous. I believe that every bit. The crush I have for Harry has been going on for years. Since he's my brothers best friend there's a one chance of a trillion I could go out with him better yet talk to him. He's too cool for me.

I hear a huge bang downstairs as raging music pump through the house hold. My brothers throwing another party. My poor maid has stopped trying to make him stop. He's unbelievable. I run towards my door and lock it. Knowing his parties everyone gets drunk and have sex in every room possible. Not in mine. I look outside my window as I see hundreds of people flooding in.. This is the biggest crowd I've seen.

Location: My room

Thump! I awaken to thumping on my door. I hear moaning on the other side. I jump out of bed and kick my door. They keep on thumping.. Are they doing right outside my room! That's gross! I kick my door and hear the girl scream.

"Let us in! It's out turn!" Screams a girl.

I kick my door one more time as someone twists my door handle.

"If you don't let us in Addison I'll break it!" Screams a familiar voice.

God it's Harry. I move away from my door and gulp. The door slams open and Harry and a drunk girl forward in.

"Out." Says Harry.

"But it's my room.." I whisper.

"Please Addy I'll be finish with her before you know it." Begs Harry

"So you going to have sex in my room with a intoxicated girl with my permission?" I question.

"Yeah." Smirks Harry.

"Now now get out." Orders Harry.

I turn away and my brain tells me to stop him. But my heart tells me to go. My mind screams as I walk out and shut my door. I don't know what hurts more. My heart because my crush is sleeping with a girl in my room or that I'm letting him to this to a poor girl.. I... I... I can't help it.

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