Pokemon X & Y I

In the new region of Kalos our hero Tai finds himself living in an unfamiliar town. He is called upon by the infamous professor Sycamore to set out on a journey with his chosen pokemon. Tai faces not only tough battles but also his personal life gets out of hand.


4. Professor Sycamore

We arrive at the lab thanks to the professors assistants. I get on the elevator and press floor three which is higher than it sounds.

"Tai, at last we meet," I give a smile and nod walking up to him. "Well then I see Shauna has arrived as well so let me begin."

"Sir, quick question?" I ask politly. "Sure son."

"Do you have...Do you have free Wi-Fi?" I ask taking a deep breath and he looks oddly.

"Yeah we do and its the best in all of Kalos. You see it works all over the land so here is the chip that you just stick into this..." He says and I tune out. "So now let us get on to further business," I grab the device and listen.

"So Tai I believe you are a great asset to this here team...Serena was my first guess for a veteram trainer and Shauna was to guide her, but I say otherwise. Have you heard of Mega evolution? We study this strange evolution and want you and your friends to either...get stronger, fill the pokedex and or solve the mysteries of mega evolution." I look at the others and then back at Sycamore.

"Alright me and Trevor are going to fill the pokedex" says Tierno.

"And I will...uh, maybe...get stronger, NO! I want to fill the pokedex," I look at Shauna and roll my eyes.

"Well I guess I will do all of the above professor, that leaves you Serena," she looks at me coldly then smiles.

"I guess I'll be more unique and important...mega evolution is my job," I face the floor and shake my head with a smile. "Typical Serena..." I mutter under my breath.

The professor holds up three pokeballs "Tai, Serena and Shauna let's battle!" he says energetically. He throws out all three pokeballs, a Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. I throw out my Torchic and watch as Serena throws out Fennekin and Shauna throws out Froakie.

"Fennekin use flame charge" says Serena.

"Froakie use water pulse!" yells Shauna.

"Bulbasaur use vinewhip on Froakie, and Charmander use ember on Torchic." Sycamore says calmly.

"Torchic evade and use tackle followed by peck!" I yell.

"Squirtle use bubble on Torchic" I panic. "Fennekin use scratch on squirtle" yells Serena. Torchic knocks into Charmander and pecks it multiple times until it faints. Fennekin hits Squirtle and blows up into flames then slides to a stop squirtle faints. Froakie already defeated Bulbasaur.

"Good work guys...Tai your Quillidin looks powerful but using Torchic was smart. Tai you seem to be one who can use these wisely. Take these pokemon and their mega stone when you learn your pokemon will mega evolve from this stone," I nod and take the pokemon balls with my mouth wide open.

We go to the first floor and man that looks like a fiery spirited guy. He talks about making the world beautiful, he looks and sounds nice enough but I have my suspicions.

"Well me and Tierno are going off to the route beyond here," I shake their hand and they walk off.

"I would love to hang out with you Tai but I wanna go check out the clothes shop and stylists," I look at Shauna and smile.

"Tai I guess I am going to the cafe here...could you meet me their?" Serena says giving me a hug and walking away. I leave the lab and walk out onto the busy streets.

I walk across the street and enter into the stylists shop, the lady welcomes me and sits me down.

"How do you want it handsome?" she asks. "Um I want the sides shaved and the top to be left medium lengthed, but I want the right side to have hair going over it. Make sure you don't touch the fringe and could you put a gold tip on the fringe?" I say explaining every detail.

"Sure thing bub," I smile and give her the money. After she finishes I leave thanking her and go next door to the clothes shop.I get a denim jacket and a yellow Pikachu tee-shirt, I grab black denim skinny jeans and a pair of red high-tops. I shove my old clothes into my bag and pay for the new ones leaving with a slight feeling of happiness.

I walk down the road to the cafe Serena waits at the door for me and welcomes me with open arms. We walk inside and take a seat after a few minutes a waitress comes and asks for our order. I get a caramel latte and a pastry, Serena gets a caramel latte and a small cake.

"Tai we might have to split up for awhile..." Serena says getting teary.

"Serena...?" I ask. "Are you ok?"

"Tai I have to focus on mega evolution...you and I will have to meet once everytime we get to a city maybe outside if we are lucky," I look down and then up sadly.

"Alright...Serena don't worry once we finish the task we can hang out" I say smiling.

"Tai the journey never ends," I look back down and try to smile.

"Tai...your the reason I stopped acting cold and heartless without you that shit is going to happen again," I place the now empty cup on the table and finish the pastry.

"Don't worry we'll just have to wait" I say as she finishes her drink and food. We stand up give each other a hug and walk our seperate ways after leaving the cafe. I walk out onto the next route and get prepared for my journey ahead.

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