Pokemon X & Y I

In the new region of Kalos our hero Tai finds himself living in an unfamiliar town. He is called upon by the infamous professor Sycamore to set out on a journey with his chosen pokemon. Tai faces not only tough battles but also his personal life gets out of hand.


3. First Badge

"I can see the glare in your eye...it is amazing! Fantastic! I have to win for a new amazing photo of my beautiful pokemon. By the way your mystery gift...Torchic has come along it was said to be delivered to a trainer described exactly like you," I grab the pokeball and look at it. "Now let us battle I understand you stayed at the inn and had a good sleep so you should be fighting fairly well," I grab hold of my Chestpin and throw him onto the field.

She lets her pokeball slip from her grasp and a Surskit comes out, Chestpin bounces energetically. "Surskit hit the foe's Chestpin with your ice beam!" I look at Chestpin and quickly examine the field. "Quick Chestpin dodge and use roll out!" I yell feeling a heavy drip of sweat drop from my nose. Chestpin rolls to the side and then rolls towards Surskit.

"Quick Surskit, use string shot," Chestpin is caught in a web and slowly comes to a stop standing completely still. "NOW! Hit his Chestpin with a Ice beam," I struggle to watch as Chestpin struggles to escape.

"Chestpin use vine whip to break through!" I yell. "Chestpin NOW!" I scream as Chestpin breaks free and dodges. The field turns to ice and Chestpin struggles to move without slipping.

"Now Surskit use tackle," I notice a bump on the floor. "Chestpin use roll out on the bump!" I yell cockily. Chestpin rolls losing friction at first, he slides to the side then soars through the air ramming into the Surskit. The Surskit faints and Viola turns to her last pokemon Vivillon. Chestpin runs back to my side and I throw Torchic out.

"Go Vivillon use gust" she screams intensly. "Then use leech life!"

"Torchic use ember" I say. "Then hit em with a peck" I begin to calm down. Vivillon is hit with an avail of fire balls, the wind stops blowing and then Torchic lunges onto Vivillon and pecks the Vivillon on the head.

"Yes we got it where we want it, use gust and then leech life" she yells smirking lightly.

"Torchic use ember again!" I yell trying to end it quick. Torchic flies back with the wind and then begins to spit fireballs and Vivillon faints.

"Good work kid I got some amazing photo's...here you earnt this bug badge, but remember it gets harder from here on out." I nod with a smile and we shake hands.

Chestpin begins to glow, "Chestpin what's the matter?" I ask curiously. Chestpin shapes into a new pokemon, he evolved into Quillidin. I smile and send the pokemon back to their pokeball.

I walk outside and Serena waits on a chair with her Fennekin. I walk over and then she smiles putting some loose hair behind her ear. "Tai Tierno told me him and Trevor are leaving now...idiots...lets go to Lumiouse City the professor is their waiting," I nod and we walk off to the next city, battling all trainers in our way and catch a pokemon each. She caught a Bunnelby and I caught a Litleo, the journey ends mostly uneventful as we arrive at the biggest city Lumiouse.

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