Stuck In Reverse

'I sat quietly on the swing, rocking back and forth. Less kids were in the playground now because it's almost sun down. I closed my eyes for some time and let out a long, long sigh.

Suddenly, I heard a grunt right in front of me. I snapped my eyes open and saw a boy, like my age, rubbing his feet. "Did you have to stick out legs like that. Holy crap, I was just trying to run after my little sister and your long-ass legs decided to trip me. What is wrong with you?," the nameless boy groaned.

And that's when it all started.'

Clara Hayden is a 17 year-old who is suffering from her past problems. Quiet, lonely and quiet (again) were the only words you could use to describe her because no one really knows her.

Now throw in Archer Darvill, a 18 year-old boy who popped out of nowhere. Well, by Clara's feet more specifically. He's not popular, no, but he is an arrogant bastard who maybe has a a soft heart.

Mix these two and what do we get? Find out by reading!


1. Prologue

Stuck In Reverse

Clara's POV

I tried my hardest to get through the two men who were holding me back. I screamed in agony, "Let me go! My Dad is in there!"

Tears were streaming down my face. With all my might, I pushed my way through. 

Stay with me, Dad. Please.

"Get the kid!" was the last thing I heard before I entered the building. I ran up the burnt stairway as I pathetically tried to wave smoke away out of my face. 

"Lights will guide you home Clara," Dad said as he cheekily smiled down at me. 

I grinned widely at my Dad, "Well guess what, Daddy? You're my light!" He let out a loud chuckle, "Clara Charlotte Hayden, you are the greatest gift that I have ever gotten," he whispered as he looked at me with so much love.

After running around the unfamiliar ground, I slumped down at the corner as I used my hands to cover the sirens, the sound of firemen shouting and everything else. I screamed. That's all I could do really. What else was there to do?

I flinched as the door slammed close. Mum just left. I looked at my Dad who looked so hopeless and drained. I, myself, was drained too. Drained because of the screaming and fighting.

Dad ran to me and hugged me soothingly, "It's going to be okay, Clara. It's going to be okay. We're just going to follow the lights. Like I said before, they'll guide us home," he said as he tried his best to give me a sincere smile.

I looked around my surroundings. Everything was ruined, burnt by the fire. Most of the things were still on fire. Papers scattered everywhere, broken fax machines, and something that brought me up to my feet right away.

I ran quickly to the other side. I knew those white and blue polo-shirt too well. Too well.

"I'm going to work now, Clara," Dad said before he kissed my forehead softly.

I looked up and without thinking, I snorted. "You're wearing that polo shirt again?" He looked down at his shirt before he rolled his eyes, "It's a really nice shirt, you know." 

"Sure," I held in a laugh.

"Whatever, kiddo."

I questioned, "Will you be home late again?"

His gaze softened and I immediately knew the answer. We needed the money so he had to stay up for extra hours in work. "Yes honey, but I promise I'll be home with pizza with lots of toppings!"

I chuckled and waved him off, "Sure Dad. Take care! Love you!"

I stopped as my shoes made a screeching sound. My eyes stared at the limp body laying in front of me.



Author's Note

Introductions are meant to be short so don't worry, chapters will grow as I develop this story. Aah, it's my first time trying to write a Romance/Teen Fiction (with a dash of Drama) story so your comments would be very much appreciated. <3 'Til then, Goodbye!

rneerkat x

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