Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


3. "My judgement's clouded like tonight's sky" One Direction Moments

Zayn strolled down the street, heading towards the agreed meeting point. It was dark, and the fresh air made him shiver a little, but he didn't mind that, by that point, he was numb to all feelings. His black hoodie helped him to blend into the dark, and under that, he had grey, acid, ripped skiny jeans and a plain white tee. His black hair was quiffed and straight, up quite tall, which made him look taller than he was, just the way he liked it, and he wore some black vans on his feet.

He took his steps carefully, as he knew all to well that the night could be a ridiculously dangerous place in that part of town, especially if you were unarmed and travelling alone, out in the open streets, or in small enclosed alleyways, but he wasn't that far from where he needed to be. He kept his pace quiet and cautious, bu he increased the speed by a lot, so that he wasn't late, or attacked before he reached his destination.

The whole gang had congregated on a grim, unlived in, crime stricken street, next to a redbrick wall, with some leaning against it, and Tommo in the middle, with Curls at one side and Kev the other. They were only dimly illuminated by a street light above them, which was on it's was out and had been vandalised like crazy. Tommo straightened himself at the sight of Zayn, changing his position from leaning on the wall, to standing upright. He wore a black denim jacket, with a blue and white stripy top and a pair of black jeans, with some Toms shoes on his feet. They weren't exactly the stereotypical bad boy shoes, but Tommo told everyone that he found them comfy whether they liked it or not, and if they wanted to question his dress sense again, he'd have a bullet put through their head for it. Yes, he really was that extreme!

"Malik, you're late, what took you so damn long, I told you I couldn't afford for you to be late for this!" He snarled, and Kev could see him getting angry. He knew all to well when Tommo was about to flip, and this looked riskily close. Kev realised that Zayn had to be very carefull about whatever he said next, because it could potentially be life threatening for him.

"Tommo, I'm sorry yeah, I won't do it again" Zayn said, so worried and trying so hard not to scarper. He had a bad feeling about this, no matter what the urge in the pitt of his stomach had always said, Zayn had a really bad feeling about the whole affair. "You're not having second thoughts are you?" Harry smirked with delight, hoping to god that Zayn would see yes, just for the expression on Tommo's face. "No, course not, why would you think that?" Zayn asked, disguising the quake that hit his body unexpectedly. Curls paused, before giving his awnser, partly for effect, but also because he was trying to think up something good enough.

"Because..." Curls started with a mean, bitter tone to his voice, but before he could provide his reasons, Tommo cut him off. "Enough! I have things to do, places to be and a girlfriend who's waiting for me back at my appartment, there isn't time to waste, got it?" He asked rhettorically, and there was a silence before he nodded to himself and continued, "Right then, let's get this all over and done with." He knew that they'd all obey him anyway as the gang knew where they stood and this newbie Zayn was eager to please and quick to learn, so there was a perfect foundation.

Tommo slid his hand into his pocket, and he retrieved the brown leather sheath. He opened it up, at the top, and slid the blade out. The handle was made of ornately carved sycamore wood, but the blade would be perfect for stabbing someone. It glinted dangerously in the light of the mood, it's lines highlighted perfectly, making a brilliant display of the sharpness and sheer danger of this blade. Then he said two words, that sent violent shivers down Zayn's spine. "Hand Malik"

Zayn had no idea, what to expect from this, was Tommo going to cut at his hand, or stab through it? or was he going to give Zayn the knife and tell him to do something dangerous with it? Either way, he knew it couldn't be good, and that it was most deffinately going to cause him, or somebody else a considerable amount of pain. He tensed his muscles, to stop himself from shaking violently, and regretfully held out his hand.

Author's Note-

Ooh! Cliff hanger!!! I'm even scaring myself here, and I'm just writting it, I'm the one who knows what's up next, and even I'm hating this cliff hanger! Oooh I wanted to put it into this chapter so badly, but trust me, it should be worth the wait! I think it's really horrid of me putting a fairly big cliff hanger in, this early in the story but it's important!

Can't wait to write more! I will do as soon as possible!

Luv ya all too much, Nouis Toran

P.S. Please comment on what you think might happen next, or if you think I could make the story better so far...

xxxx <3

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