Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


9. "I don't have much money, but boy if I did, I'd buy a big house where we both could live."

The Title quote from this chapter comes from 'Your Song' by Elton John, which the boys sung in the finals, hope you like this chapter!

Zayn stumbled upon the house quite by accident but he knew right away it was perfect. It was old, abandoned and overgrown and it looked to be Victorian or Edwardian or something. There was no one around for miles or at least as far as he could tell. He drove the car through where a gate used to be and drove it round the back of the house, crawling along quietly. It was dark, shadowed and quiet, and overgrown with Ivy and brambles. No one would be able to see it unless they looked really hard for it.

He gently shook Flo to wake her up and they got out of the car. Zayn grabbed the bags from the back of the car and held him in his hands carefully. "Follow me and do as I do" Zayn whispered and Flo just nodded. He lead her around the side of the old and crumbling house, until they came to a window without glass, and bricks crumbling at the base of the window. Carefully he pushed some of the bricks away and they heard a thud echo through the night. The bricks had hit the stone floor the other side, and they fell through easily enough, the cement that was meant to be holding them together was ancient and it didn't hold the bricks together anymore as they once would have reliably done so.

He put the bags down and shoulder rammed at the wall until a large section fell in. "Perfect! I've still got it" He smirked to himself. Flo prodded him "hey, don't be so cocky mister, and whatever your big plan is, hurry it up cuz I'm tired" she smiled sleepily. Zayn rammed the wall again with his other shoulder and it came crashing down, turning the window into a doorway. He kicked at it to move the rubble away, and then held his hand out, to signal that she should go in first. "No way" she said giving him a hard look. "Ladies first" he reminded her with a wink, "S*** before shovel" She smirked. Zayn turned to look at her and she stuck her tounge out before shoving him inside.

Zayn took his phone out and used the LED flashlight on it. It light the room up a little, but it still made it look eerie and ghostlike and his stomach did a flip, but then a voice inside his head told him that he shouldn't be such a wimp and that for Flo's sake he needed to toughen up. He held his hand out for her and Flo took it and squeezed it tight. She also used the flashlight on her phone to add a bit of extra light to the room. Zayn let out a bit of a scream as a mouse ran past his feet.

Flo slapped him on the shoulder in a friendly way, with the back of her phone holding hand. "You are such a wimp" She giggled. Zayn said nothing, but Flo knew very well that he was smiling away inot the darkness. "Let's find a corner and settle down for the night" Zayn suggested. "Good idea Zayn."

They eventually settled down about three metres away from the 'door' that Zayn had created as they wanted to be close to the exit if they had to run fast, and so that they didn't loose their way, but they sat in their little corner as it would be warmer and away from the draft. Zayn sat in the corner and zipped his jacket up for some extra warmth, and he folded one of the blankets in half and put it on the floor to act as some sort of comfort underneath Flo and spread the second blanket over the top of her so she would stay warm and he fell asleep sat up and leant against the wall with Flo asleep on the makeshift bed with her head lay on Zayn's lap as a pillow.

Author's Note-

Hey guys, sorry this chapter is a short one, but yeah, it gets better! Next chapter, OMG I can't wait to get the next chapter up and I will do soon, but atm I'm gonna upload another chapter on my bromance one shots!

Love you guys! Nouis Toran xxx

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