Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


4. "But then I freeze, I never do it!" One Direction, I Wish

Tommo pressed the cold, polished knife handle into Zayn's hand, and Zayn wrapped his fingers around it. He was terrified at that point, but as they said about the gang, once you got into something, there was no backing out. Tommo gave him a grin, and raised his eyebrows devilishly, as if to say 'you really have no idea what we've got in store for you kiddo' and Zayn strongly suspected that Tommo was thinking that. Tommo dragged a hand across his stubble, lowered his eyebrows and eased his evil grin off a bit. "This is gonna be brilliant!" Kev smirked twistedly, with his eyes brightening at whatever thoughts were running through his disfunctional brain. "Hmm" Tommo said simply, showing his agreement, but saying nothing more on the matter.

Silence flooded the air, and Zayn asumed that this was the time in which to stay quiet and be respectful to Tommo, and give the guy time to think. Curls shuffled where he stood. Zayn wondered how on earth he managed to get into a gang like that, dressed the way he was. He was free of piercing, and even though he had as many or more tatoos than Zayn, he had a plain white t-shirt on, black skinny jeans, white converse and a Black, skinny fitting blazer with the sleeves rolled up. His curly mop of hair didn't exactly make him look very bad boy either, along with the constant immature smirk, but Zayn knew that it wasn't a wise idea to question his presence, they'd slaughter him if they knew that he was even thinking about it!

Then, Tommo's cold, northern voice cut through the silence and the darkness, interrupting Zayn's thoughts. " Ok, Curls, get your arse over to where we left the bag, and get it back to me pronto, and make it quick yeah? Take Pauly with you, you might need a bit of protection, you never know!" He commanded, with all the power he liked. Curls just nodded, hailed Pauly and they went off together to get this bag. It was a complete mystery to Zayn as to what was in this bag, and he was desperate to find out whether it was good or bad. he hated having no clue, and not being a part of it, but he realised that he would have to earn the respect of the others over time, before he was considered as one of the higher up members of the gang.

"How you feeling Malik?" Tommo asked, with almost a reassuring side to his voice. "I'm alright thanks Tommo" He answered, lying. Tommo smiled, knowingly "Yeah, they all say that!" he laughed to himself a little. "Okay, I've got to explain what's gonna happen sooner or later, so we best get this over and done with now..."

He was completelty and utterly mortified, there was a tiny bit of positivity running through his veins, for  the fact that Tommo hadn't shoved the blade through his hand, or across his wrist or in his chest, but then he kept reminding himself that it meant he would most likely have to hurt someone else for that. It knocked him sick, and he hoped that perhaps the gang had only planned for him to break into something, and that the knife was just to bust a lock or something, but he was pretty convinced that it wasn't going to be something like that at all. Somehow,  by that point, something like breaking and entering whilst in the posession of a weapon, seemed like quite and innocent crime, compared to whatever  hideous crime he was certain that Tommo would have in store for him.

Tommo carried on speaking "Okay, you see that blade in your hand, in a minute, once you've got the bag, we're gonna leave you, and hide out nearby, to make sure you do the job properly, but we won't be visable at all, you don't have to worry 'bout that bit, remeber I've got this all planned out okay? The next person who walks past hear, you're gonna aproach them, and push them up against the brick wall, make it start off like a mugging, tell them you want their money and their phone and anything else they've got. Don't let them pull any smart tricks, and don't you dare let them tell you that they know a martial art or any of that crap people say if they're under attack, cuz even ikf they're telling the truth, you've got a blade, and they haven't okay? Then, wait for them to hand the stuff over, you've gotta get the stuff first okay? Then, you murder them!" There was a hint of excitement creeping into Tommo's voice and it was truly sickening, like full on stomach churningly sickening. "That's where the blade comes in, and belive me, it's sharp enough to do the job quickly, cleanly and most importantly properly. The best way is always in the neck, there are major veins and the wind pipe, I'm telling you know, whoever they are, they don't stand a chance against you Malik, you hear me?".

Zayn considered. There wasn't much he could do, all his possible options had been smashed to pieces, as if by some massive sledge hammer, with Tommo's face all over it! All Zayn could do was nod carefully. Then Curls turned up with a draw string bag. "It's all hear Tommo, I've checked it, clothes, money, energy drink, phone, the lot!" Curls panted. Tommo grinned, in statisfaction at a job that had been done correctly, by the trusty Curls, he loved being able to trust people to do things for him. "Okay, Malik, I've invested a lot in this bag, it's brand new, with new clothes for you to change into, antibac gel, to thoroughly clean your hands with, some money, a phone and a load of other crap. After you murder this person, you go AWOL (absent without leave- an army term, but ppl use it for when ppl randomly just go off without warning), and you cover all your tracks, I want the clothes your in now burnt and the ashes and remains chucked in the river, you've gotta wash yourself, find a really good method of disposal for the knife, and I don't just mean a bin, and you stay away from people for at least a week, but you have to keep in contact with me. Make sure you have good signal! It's an anti bug phone, we've done the work, and I've invested the money, but you just have to do your part, that's something we can't do for you. Traveling alone is less risky and less suspicios! You pull it off and you'll go down in the history of the gang, and I mean it, this is one of the biggest initiations ever, but we gotta stretch you, and I know that you're worth it."

That was when Zayn felt the immense preassure bestowed upon him. He had to please Tommo, he had to get into the gang, he could see no other choice, and there was no way he could just walk away at that moment.He knew that whatever happened, it would go horribley wrong, and it was most likely that it would have some really unpleasent consequenses. He moved into the shadows, as he knew that he would need an eliment of surprise, to install terror, innocence and shock in his prey, whenever his truly unlucky victim happened to pass him. Then, as adrenaline surged through his vains, he could feel the urge for violence flare up in the pit of his stomach, and he suddenly felt completely ready to kill, whover it was who walked past.

That's when he saw them his first victim, taking some of their last breaths, so innocent and so unsusspecting, he couldn't wait to instill the fear into her, she looked so angelic, that it would ruin her immediately, and that was what Zayn craved at that exact moment, just to ruin something, or more specifically someone. It was her, she was the person that he'd set his eyes on, and he knew that she was his target, and the others would be watching it. He highly suspected that they knew she was his target to.

He suddenly stepped out of the shadows, and he was closer to her than he'd thought. In one lighting fast move, he took one large,hand, the one that wasn't holding the blade, and he clamped his hand over her mouth. Then, still gripping onto her with one hand, he slammed her up against the brick wall,hearing her head hit the bricks. He wasn't exactly sure whether he heard a crack or not, the silence was to thick for him to hear. Her facial expression changed, jsut as he'd wanted it too. Damn that looked painful, damn she looked so uterly terrified, he could only imagine what was going through her mind at that moment. That was when he froze, dead in his tracks.

Author's Note-

Another mini cliff hanger... scary stuff hey? ahh well, things can only get better! Anyone been listening to Midnight memories??? WELL WHY NOT!!!!! DO IT NOW!!!!! OMFG IT'S 1Dday TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WATCH IT, OR I'LL FIND OUT WHERE YOU LIVE, WAKE YOU UP IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, PUMP YOU FULL OF CAFEINE AND TIE YOU TO A COMPUTER INFRONT OF YOU TUBE!!! WATCH THE LIVE STREAM GUYS!!! (8PM-2AM!)

So yeah, sorry for that! Ahem, thanks for reading another chapter, I do apreaciate all that you guys do, and erm, for being dedicated fans too,, we owe it to the boys to be dedicated fans, look at all the stuff they do for us! Plz like and fave if you would, they're only lil clicks, and i really would appreciate it! Also I'm always willing to know what ppl think about my work, so please do comment and tell me what you reckon, or where you think the story could go, especially if you reackon that there's stuff I need to do to improve it, cuz that's important to me! Are my chapters too short, too long or too inconsistent??? I have no idea...

anyway, cheers againg guys, I luv you all!
Nouis Toran! xD <3  xxxx

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