Blade (Dark Zayn Malik fanfic)

Zayn knows he has to get into the gang, it's exactly what he needs, but Tommo, the gang leader, won't let anyone join the gang, unless they've passed a brutal initiation test first. But what happens when Malik is told to do the impossible, he could never live with himself if he does, but if he doesn't, then they'll kill him and then her! But there is always a third option- RUN!!!


1. Intro-

So this is a Zayn Malik Dark fanfiction, and I've never really tried publishing Dark stuff, and as I'm kinda new anyway, when better to start? So I know that I've said it's a green (no mature content) and it is really, but I just wanted to warn everyone that some people might find some of it upsetting,erm... there's a bit of violence and stuff but it's not that bad... if it was a dvd that I was rating, I'd give it a 12 maybe or what the americans call PG13... yeah... it's hard to give a detailed warning without giving the whole story away, so you should be fine, but don't say I didn't warn you!

I'm really excited for this story, and I also wanted to tell you/remind you, that the sequal to I wish will be out soon, and I'm gonna call it  'Be Careful What You Wish For', so that'll be good, I can't wait for you all to find out what happens to them all! It's top secret, and like no one knows but me... I can't wiat!

As normal I'm gonna try my best for this story Blade, to keep updating, no matter what and I'm gonna make sure that my grammar and spelling etc is as best as it can be with minimal typos!

Just to warn you, so you guys don't get confused, I'm gonna name each chapter after a song quote, not necessarily all one direction ones, but a range of different ones... i do have a wide range of music, so there'll  be a good mix in there, and you might not have heard of all of them, but I'll have a chance to introduce you to some new songs maybe! I'll try not to use too wierd music, but I'm trying to get quotes that really match the chapters if that makes sense...

I really hope that you guys enjoy this story, and I wanna put itout there that I'm really welcome to comments, you're opinions, praises and criticisms are all very welcome! I'm so grateful for everything guys, hope you love this story as much as I love you all!

Nouis Toran xxxxxxx <3

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