If They Knew

If they knew wath they're doing to her. If they knew...
(My bully story)


3. November 17th

It's now 1:30. I still can't sleep. Not able to. I started to be afraid of myself. I kill myself from the inside. Like if someone was stabbing you from the inside. But the person is you. I took a needle and pushed it against my skin. It dis a hole. Blood was dropping by little droplets. I rubbed it on my skin. It dis a bright red spot. Yesterday, I only ate one thing: it's a king of cookie. My dad was thinking that i ate but I didn't.

Otherwise, I talked to my boyfriend. He does know that I want to kill myself. But he doesn't know why and he doesn't know that i don't eat. Anyway, i feel like I have to go sleep now. Chow !

Part 2

It's 11:24 right now. My boyfriend just broke up because he doesn't want me to bring him in my "sickness". So I talked all day with one of my friend his name is Will. He said that he loved me ( friendly) and he didn't want me to die. I think that he was just saying that for fun. But, he was angry and when he is angry, he can be REALLY violent. I was texting him so i wasn't that scare but anyway. When an angry guy who plays hockey and football is saying that he wants to punch you ex, it's kind of scary... I was feeling so dumb. This time, I took a knife and open my wrist. The blood was dripping on my blankets. I feel so miserable. So alone. So stupid...

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