If They Knew

If they knew wath they're doing to her. If they knew...
(My bully story)


2. November 16th

Well, I just finished clean the hole house. Again, i'm crying. About my life. I just can't take it. Maybe I will do it. More i think of it, more it seems the only way i can get out of my troubles. Anyway, nobody cares about me. Except 3 persons. my two best friends : Bella and Louis. The third one if my boyfriend. His name is Nathan. Otherwise, nobody likes me. Not even my parents. My mom is always working and when I see her, she's yelling at me. My dad have a very hard time right now because he has a cancer so mentally he is not really there. My parents are divorced since I'm 11 ( I'm thirteen ). So I kind of live by own. The only things I love to do is singing and drawing. Bella says that I have the same voice as Coeur de pirate.

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