If They Knew

If they knew wath they're doing to her. If they knew...
(My bully story)


10. december 19th

Yes, I'm still alive. Why ? Let me explain you what happened..

I was in my science class when one of my best friend stood up (oh HE IS A GUY) and he asked me if I wanted to do something with him this night. I said yes...

After school, we want to my house. We sat on my bed like we usally do. Than we started talking. I told him everything.

Me: I hate myself so much

Him: But.. You're perfect. You're the prettiest girl who live on earth

Me: Stop lying... I am not

Him: Than... Why would I do that....

Than he did.

He kissed me

You have to know that I loved him before. When he did that, I just started crying. A tear was rolling down my cheek. I love him so much. The only problem ? He doesn't want a girlfriend. Tomorrow is the last school day before christmas, i'm gonna try to kiss him before we both celebrate with our family.

So... I would need your help. I would like to know wath i'm suppose to think about this. He told me : je t'a.me ( we are french so it's like I l.ve you.) After he told me that he loved me.

So leave a comment because I'm mix up right now...

It happened on december 11th

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