You're still pure (15 +)

he was a bad boy. she was a good girl.


1. just friends.

  *cara's p.o.v*

 i always saw him as my little brother or something like that but tonight he looked hot as hell, he was sweating from the dance music but i couldn't help but want him more. His dark curls swayed in the air, and those eyes. I wanted him, i needed him. 

-hey harry

-hey cara, you look pretty hot tonight babe ;)

*he slurred his words*

-i would say the same for you babe

-why don't we go to my hotel 

-sure harry

what the fuck did i just do the paps are out there and omfg. why.


  *harrys p.o.v*

she was my older sister basically but she looked so fine in her little red dress and those black heels fuccck. anyways it will just look like i am talking her home. and no one has to know, i need someone to fuck tonight. there won't be any feelings involved tonight.

i started to feel her up everywhere by the time we were in the car, my shirt was half unbuttoned, but i needed her.

  *cara's p.o.v*

i shouldn't be doing this last time this happened the story was everywhere. but hey, we're just friends.

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