Confusing Love

Haley was abused and tortured by her captor for 6 years. Her childhood friend was Liam Payne. During those 6 years a mystery man has be keeping her well fed and gave her company. When she escaped they fall in love. Little does Haley know that Liam has been falling for her for as long as he can remember. Will this love work?


1. how it all began

    "Come on! Wake up Haley!" I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I look over at my alarm clock and understood my moms yelling. I scrambled down stairs and grabbed a granola bar.

"Shit! Im gonna definably be late...." I whisper shouted to myself. I ran back upstairs and shoved on black and white jeans. I pulled on a red sleeveless top with studs on the collar. I grabbed my black jacket and navy blue backpack and started running out towards school.

As I was walking I heard many crunches of leaves behind me. I turn my head to look and see three grown men walking towards me.

"What the fu...." I felt arms go around my sides. someone in the group shoved their face in the crook of my neck.

"hey babe.... I've never seen you here...." said a husky British voice.

"let me the fuck go" I screamed. "rape rape rape ra..?" I started to feel the effects of the one and only chlorophyll. do not not faint... do not..... I thought.I blacked out.

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