my brother's best friend

he was perfect boy, but i could never get to know him because of him. my brother. but watch has all of this changes.


1. meeting him.

My brother is always bringing friends over. like srly. there's about 19- 20 guys that come in and out of my house. but for some odd reason my mother doesn't really care so ill just go with her. 

-oh sorry my name is sunshine, but i like sunny i have red hair and i am about 5"5 and yeah okay back to the story-

but there was this one boy who caught my attention. and it wasnt your typical grade 2 crush i think i loved him, just kidding but i always wanted to talk to him and his beautiful blonde hair, but my brother wouldnt let me. but one day i just came back from school and i walked into the house and i saw him, my brother wasn't around at all so knew this was my chance. 

-hi, um my names sunny.. 

-oh hey, my names niall, how do you do sunny ?

*i giggled cause i knew he was kidding around but still*

-i do very fine niall "i said in a irish accent*

*we both laughed at my attempted at doing such a terrible irish accent*

-well, since im waiting for your brother why don't you tell me a little about yo self?

-um well im 15, and i like sports most-

*NIAALL BRO COME UPSTAIRS* my brother yelled at his loudest.

he looked at me and gave me the "i am so sorry" smile, than just like that he was gone. great. my brother is always doing this to me, might as well go up stairs and do my homework. 

my brothers room is right beside mine so i could hear every little thing i needed to hear, and every little thing i didn't. but then i hear niall tell my brother "i think you should bring your sister to my party mate?" there was a long silence than my brother started to say " well, okay mate but your watching her." than another silence fell after that. finally niall said "okay." than just like that i was going to a highschool party. shit. someone was coming i got back in order than a knock fell through my room. 


-oh hi sunny.. 

-hahaha sorry about the yelling niall, but yes?

-well i was just thinking you should come to my party tommorow..

-sure! i mean um yeah okay.. *my face went red*

-okay well yeah, see ya tommorow, and um you look really beautiful today.

than he left , my room was completely silent than i looked in the mirror and my stomach started to get butterflies. he actually might like you. i told myself.


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