my brother's best friend

he was perfect boy, but i could never get to know him because of him. my brother. but watch has all of this changes.


3. i think i love him.

  after we were done doing our *thing* ;) we layed their in complete silence, he spoke "you know what, sunny your not like most girls. i think thats why i cant stop thinking about you" my heart fluttered with excitment, hes finally feeling how i feel! 

-well you know what niall?

-yes ?

-i feel the same way..

he looked at me and smiled, his smile was like an angels smile, truly beautiful. he put me in his arms and we layed there until the sun came up. than i remember, my brothers done there still. shit. i got up and looked at niall and he gave me a "whats wrong" look i told him my brother. 

-oh no. f*ck sakes.

-its okay niall we just got to be sneaky

-but babe your brother will never let us date.

-well we just can't tell him, now can we get down there before he comes up?

we both sped downstairs and it smelled like something died, but than we saw my brother on the couch still passed out so i told niall we should start cleaning up. it was an hour till my brother woke up and of course he was sicker than a dog. so i gave niall my number and told him call me later. i took joey too the car- shit we didn't bring the car. but of course somehow my parents were waiting for us outside. i gently put down joey into the back seat and hoped in the other side. it was an awkward ride manly because my parents kept asking if i got drunk or had sex and all my answers were no. i finally looked down at my phone and saw a text message from niall i think but it read *babe that was amazing last night ;)* i  couldnt help but smile he was adorable. i think i love him.

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